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I just got back from seeing [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445) and I have more than a few opinions on the film. I did enjoy it, but that's not to say there weren't things I'd change. The first thing on my mind is that there was certainly a lot of eye candy in it. Between all the car chases (or the whole movie, depending on how you look at it), the gunfights, and the explosions, there wasn't exactly a lot of room for much else. There was minimal character development, or involvement really, beyond all of the numerous action scenes.

That's not to say that there wasn't good acting. I've been a Tom Hardy fan since seeing RocknRolla (2008) and Charlize Theron hardly needs to prove herself a talented actress. The person I'd have to say I was most impressed with, though, was Nicholas Hoult as Nux.

That's Hoult's "Oh, sh**" face
That's Hoult's "Oh, sh**" face

Far different from anything he's ever done, Hoult portrayed one of villain, Immortan Joe's, lackeys, and he was absolutely nuts. Looking to prove his worth to his overlord, Nux tries again and again to do all he can to earn a glorious death. Hoult took a psychopath role to the extreme, between acting in the moment, yelling in practical gibberish, and even an attempted suicide bombing in the film.

But what am I going on about him for? This article is about the things I'd like to see in a sequel. Mad Max: The Wasteland has already been announced as the follow-up title, but, at this time, has no synopsis or release date attached. So, without further ado, here are some things I think should be in The Wasteland.

1. More Max, More Dialogue

Would probably help to get that off his mouth...
Would probably help to get that off his mouth...

As I said earlier, there wasn't much to this movie except for action. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about action, otherwise I wouldn't pay to watch Michael Bay movies as much as I do, but when it's throughout the whole movie, leaving little room for anything else, it's kind of a downer for me.

I also said that Tom Hardy is a favorite of mine. With some of my favorite roles of his including Warrior (2011), Bronson (2008), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012), I was really disappointed to see that he had barely anything to do in this movie except shoot at people and look skeptical and pissed off. Not only that, but he hardly had anything to say. I get that it's part of the character to be that strong, silent type, but the movie is called Mad Max. Shouldn't he have at least been a little more involved? If a sequel is done, I hope that the screenwriters will give Hardy more to do and to say, so that we can get some more character development in.

2. Thunderdome Reference, if not Full Involvement

I can definitely agree that the third, and final, installment to the original Mad Max series was relatively mediocre, but I can also say that the concept of Max back in chains, and fighting gladiator style is intriguing. No cars and no guns to help him, Hardy would be able to show us a hand-to-hand skill that would have me a little more convinced to come back for a sequel.

I'm not saying to do a whole Thunderdome movie again, but maybe a vague easter egg reference, or even a few scenes in the actual place would be at least a cool half hour fill for a sequel. Anybody want to try Tina Turner for a cameo?

3. Mel Gibson cameo and "Dog"

These two did actually tie for the third thing I want to see in the next film. I did half expect to have a glimpse of Mel Gibson in this movie, just as a little nod to the original series, but I'm not disappointed that he didn't show. It would just be a little geek-out moment for fans of the original films, but I don't expect it to happen, and, if it did, I'm sure it would only be a brief appearance. For all we know though, they could give him this treatment and make him the villain though, and would we ever really know unless we saw the cast list?

After all, how many of you realized that Immortan Joe was portrayed by Hugh Keays-Byrne, who was Toecutter from the original 1979 film?

As unlikely as a Mel Gibson cameo is, I also included a choice that could provide some progression for Tom Hardy as the title character: "Dog". "Dog", so accurately named, was Max's canine sidekick in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. The faithful pooch kept Max company through the film, and even gave his own life to protect his companion by taking a shot from a crossbow. Having "Dog" in the next installment shows a little more humanity to Max, as well as having a character that Max can interact with throughout.

Well, that's my list for what I'd like to see in Tom Hardy's next outing as Mad Max. What do you think? Anything on my list that you agree with? What would you like to see come up in the new Mad Max series? Leave your answers in the comments below!

Mad Max: The Wasteland in development now, with no announced release date.


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