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Oh no, not a decision like this again.... This one is almost as hard as picking who my avengers team would consist of. I mean, do I go for pure strength, capable team-work? Or just sheer Bad Ass-ness?.. I guess I will give it my best shot on who I feel would be the coolest/strongest/most fierce squad!

1. Venom

Venom is my first choice. I consider him one of the strongest forces in the marvel universe, a symbiote who can take on anyone and add to their powers. Now I believe I would have to choose Eddie Brock's venom. He would be my point man for our squad, first one in to clear any foes that may hurt the group. With symbiotic skills, I believe venom could easily subdue and take down many enemies, letting the others come in to sweep any stragglers or take down the big boss.

2. Sinestro

Second choice is the all powerful, all fearful Sinestro. He is an extremely powerful being, using to power of fear to defeat his enemies. His mind and wits are also huge pluses adding to his skill tree. Sinestro is a powerful assest to any team, and makes for a perfect right hand man to my squads main leader, which will be shown shortly.

3. Sauron

Sauron will be my bad boy of the group. The one who knows just how powerful he is, and uses it to his own advantages often taking on baddies on his own, letting the main of the group tackle the more objective type missions. He is still a powerful part of the team, and is full of great leader skills should my main leader ever fall in battle... Who I will introduce now as the great and mighty....

4. The Emperor

The emperor, yes this seems a bit cliche for a group of villains. But who better to lead a team with great plans than the Emperor himself? Who brought together an entire galaxy! His sheer power with the force and mind powers makes him more than capable to lead this team.

There you go, my 4p suicide squad. That's who I would send in if I was the main force driving these reckless, insane, cool, powerful team of aliens, Wizards, and strange beings I'm not even sure of. There should be some pictures uploaded but I'm not sure the device I'm using is applying. So please help me out a little and picture these villains in your head if you can't see the m


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