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We've known for a while now that The Amazing Spider-Man is no more following Andrew Garfield and Sony's split. Although I think many of us would agree that Spider-Man is back in good hands with Sony and Marvel teaming up, that's still not to say that it doesn't hurt a bit to say goodbye to another cinematic Spidey and usher in a new face for the franchise.

That being said, fans of the films are still hoping to see a bit more from TASM universe in the form of Spider-Woman, more specifically...Spider-Gwen.

Even though Gwen Stacey died tragically in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the comic books tell a different story of an alternate universe in which Gwen, not Peter, was bit by the radioactive spider.

Robbi Rodriguez
Robbi Rodriguez

At a press junket while promoting her upcoming film Aloha, Emma Stone was asked whether she had and plans to reprise her role of Gwen Stacy in another Spider-Man movie.

Check out her interview with MTV News to hear more about the potential of seeing Gwen Stacy onscreen again, as well as some comic book confusion on the part of Bradley Cooper:

Stone told MTV News:

Yeah, I don’t know. I know nothing about it, but I have read Spider-Gwen. That’s all I know. I think a lot of pieces would have to come together.

It might seem pretty unlikely for all of these pieces to come together, but ever since Marvel and Sony struck a deal, I've started believing that almost anything can happen if the fans will it to be so.

Robbi Rodriguez
Robbi Rodriguez

Maybe Stone is keeping her lips shut intentionally, or perhaps she just has little interest in jumping back into the world of superheroes. Either way her vague response leaves a lot to the imagination.

Just because Emma Stone didn't seem extremely enthusiastic regarding the project, that doesn't mean we can't keep hoping she'll come back with some kickass powers!

(Via: MTV News)


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