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Captain Levi - Attack on Titan


Captain Levi doesn't give a sh*t. He is literally the MOST badass person EVER. He wields two elongated blades, engineered for killing the most dangerous beings on earth, and he can make up for his short height with his vertical maneuvering gear, which basically allows him to fly.


I know that this could NEVER happen, but this is ideal, not realistic. Bizzaro is mentally unstable and ready to kick some ass, even at the cost of his own life. Bizzaro has many powers, such as ice vision, super strength, and flying.

The Ice King - Adventure Time

People Underestimate this character because of his childish behavior, much like Bizzaro, but the more humer on the team, the better, and the Ice King is the perfect man for the job. The Ice King has some mad skills.

Abed - Community

Screw Bruce Wayne (Not Really) Abed is the real Batman. He has watched so many movies he knows almost everything about everything, and he can kick some real tail. I mainly put him in here as a joke, but I realized he could be the alfred of the team. Like Felicity on Arrow, he could talk to all the other characters Via a headset.

What do you think of my team? Good? Bad? Worse? Tell me in the comments below.


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