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The rumor that the Spider-Man character would someday be released form the Sony movie gulag to go frolic and play with his comic book buddies was the fuel the fed the engines of many marvel fan forms, comic book facebook groups, and general “wouldn’t it be cool” chats among friends.

With the contracts signed and the cooperate lawyers muzzled these dens of speculations were suddenly left wanting for a topic of conversation. The new point of contention became whether Marvel was going to continue to use the Peter Parker character as the movie Spider-Man or if they were going to try something new and hand the web-shooters over to Miles Morales.

Before the debate could even properly congeal Marvel Movie Overload Kevin Feige came out and confirmed that the new movie Spider-Man would be Peter Parker.

It was a quick and confident choice, but was it the right one?

This week we will give you five reasons we think that Fiege and Marvel made the right choice by going with Peter Parker for the new movie Spider-Man and next week we will be back to tell you why they screwed up and should have picked Miles Morales.

5. So They Can Unf*ck Everything

I am sure a large portion of you get an extra rosy feeling in your hearts when you think back on the first two Rami films but, when looking back with a more mature, critical eye, those films have gooey pacing, a confused tone and some major casting snafus. When you pair those movies with the Dark Age that was Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man films it is clear the story of Peter Parker has not been executed to its full potential on screen yet. So you can’t blame Marvel for wanting to give its most important character a worthy cinematic interpretation.

4. Your Mom

Listen if you are sitting down and taking the time to read over articles about Spider-Man chances are you are a NERD and I don’t have to explain who Miles Morals is.

However if Marvel only sold movie tickets to nerds, chances are the special effects budgets for their films would max out around sock puppets.

Marvel has become the prince of pop culture largely because they have made their movie properties so digestible that people like your mom can hop right in and enjoy them without getting lost in nerd soup that is continuity.

Peter Parker is the Spider-Man your mom knows. He floats at the surface level of cultural awareness. He doesn’t require set up or mythos building or anything thing involving crazy comic book silliness.

Spider-Man just swings into frame and BAM! Everyone is caught up, everyone is having a good time.

3. Uncle Ben is Dead …We get it.

If your mom knows who Peter Parker is then we don’t need to waste half the movie watching Charlie Sheen’s dad get car jack for the fourteenth time and listen to the with great power comes great responsibility speech in whitespace flash back again. We can just get started with the swinging, the punching and the fighting dudes dressed like animals.

2. Civil War, Dude, Civil War

It’s no secret that the timing of the Spider-Man movie deal had a lot do with the production cycle of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409).

A very important dimension of the Civil War story is heroes coming forward and making their secret identities know to the public and the unmasking of Spider-Man is perhaps the story’s most iconic moment.

Secret identities aren’t really a thing in the MCU. Everyone knows who, Ironman, Cap, and Hulk are. Thor is just Thor and no one else wears masks. So all of a sudden a new incognito hero they can yank the mask off of becomes a necessity. Pulling off Spider-Man’s mask to reveal Peter Parker is punchy, impactful and would hold tremendous amount of weight with the average movie going public, while the reveal Miles would require much more qualification.

1. The Parker Legacy

Peter Parker’s history is a horn-o-plenty of story arches that would make for kick ass movies. Kraven’s last Hunt, The Other, The Gauntlet, Shed, No One Dies, Maximum Carnage, the Clone Saga. Okay so probably not the Clone Saga…Seriously don’t do the Clone Saga.

I am not saying that Miles doesn’t have great stories of his own, but Peter been around for over 50 years. Peter Parker’s history has been written by the greatest talents of multiple generations; while Miles entire existence has primarily been the result of one writer, Brian Michael Bendis.

I don’t by the argument that you could just tell Peter’s stories with Miles in the lead role. The main character of any story cannot be an interchangeable asset. Who Peter is, his personality and his relationship with the other characters feed into why those stories are effective. Removing him, mutates the narrative and is going to give the whole thing a very processed, Hollywood feel.

There you have it. The 5 Reasons Peter Parker is the Movie Spider-Man. Check back in next week for the 5 Reasons it should have been Miles Morales.


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