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The baddest bunch around, these villainous movie maniacs make up my personal favorite "Suicide Squad," which (for people who aren't already informed) is basically my chosen group of the most unstoppable (and in my case entertaining) villains around. Before we start just a forewarning: this article may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk (although I promise I won't ruin any movies).

Loki (Thor)

The devious man from both Thor and The Avengers, Loki is the half brother of Thor. Serving as a comedian, a man-child who can think up some pretty devious plans, and overall a powerful opponent Loki comes in as not only one of my personal favorite villains (and sort of an alternate ego) but also as an essential component to this team of masterminds.

Dark Anakin (Star Wars)

Not to be confused with the former Jedi knight, Dark Anakin (also known as Darth Vader) is no pushover. In a galaxy where the Jedi rule as peacekeepers and are considered the most powerful warriors in the galaxy, Anakin is by far the most powerful. With only the help of the clone army, Dark Anakin slaughtered thousands of jedi at the battle of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. For people who haven't seen Star Wars, that's basically fighting the Galaxy's most powerful warriors in their own home. While he may have a few anger issues, Dark Anakin is controlable and extremely powerful. Even after the battle of Coruscant, Anakin continued to hunt the Jedi, effectively claiming more Kills than the Dark Lord's prized Order 66. Mean, powerful, and an expert in space mechanics and travel, Dark Anakin makes for one of the best of the best. Or.... worst. Either way, you get the idea.

Valentine (Kingsmen: The Secret Service)

Now here's the real comedy relief. Valentine is one of the richest, devious, intelligent, non-violent (yet violent) villains to have ever existed. With a corporate empire that helped drive his multi-billion monoply, Valentine managed to fool the entire world into his schemes.

Valentine not only managed to cause the deaths of several Kingsmen agents, but also caused mass slaugther killing millions worldwide, turned the Kingsmen against themselves, and still figured out a way to get free wi-fi and reception from any single place on the planet which bares no relevance to the other two but still shows just how much of a genious the man truly is.

With the money, outside sources, and the brains, Valentine truly belongs with the baddest of the bad.

Sebastian Shaw (X-Men: First Class)

Don't let the look fool you: Sebastian may look a little old but he can definitely hold his own. Sebastian Shaw is rich, genious, and overall just plain evil. After causing the anger issues and other problems of Eric (Magneto) Sebastian managed to survive WWII, defeat and kill several mutants, and effectively play off of and accelerate the Cold War. His brains and riches are only enhancements, however, to his own personal mutation: the ability to manipulate almost all froms of energy. In the most basic sense, Sebastian can absorb energy and use it to do all sorts of "fun" things that often involve a painful death to his enemies. Riches, a true sense of loyalty, and extremely powerful, Shaw truly belongs with the most evil beings throughout history.

Dorian Gray (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)

Not as well known, but definitely one of the groups biggest powerhouses. Simpily put as everyone's favorite (or least favorite) immortal who you don't want to be on the bad side of. His list of accomplishments is simpily massive, so just know that this man has effectively slaughtered thousands. In fact, the only way to kill the man is by destroying his portait or forcing him to look at it. Although, he probably has hundreds upon thousands of copies now, so good luck trying to actually find the right one before he kills you.

The Original (Dracula Untold)

And finally the baddest of the bad: The Original. Also known as The Master, our little buddy here is by far one of the most famous and powerful Villains throughout the history of villains. With several different incarnations from all the different forms of Dracula's story, we know in every form that this beast turned Vlad the Impaler into the beast he is today. We also know that since he is the one who gave Dracula his powers, we have already seen a fraction of his powers. And we honestly don't need to see the rest of his powers to know this beast is truly a powerhouse. Giving Dracula only a fraction of his power, we see that this beast's kind easily fights and kills armies single-handidly. The beast shows how easy he can truly fight when he kills Vlad's companions without breaking a sweat (and probably would have killed Vlad to if it weren't for the curse that bounded him to the cave at the time). A genious and more than likely the most powerful being in the team, The Original is an immortal beast that definitely belongs with the rest of the team.

I hope you enjoyed and as always have a fantastic day.


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