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Before I begin on which four villains I believe would create the best suicide squad possible, there are a few variables that have to be put into place.

For starters, lets make sure I am answering the question correctly. In order to win this contest, my suicide squad has to be quote, "the most lethal, badass, unstoppable band of villainous misfits." So while a team of Hannibal Lector, Venom, Jafar and Man Ray would be incredible, it doesn't quite fit the bill. However, in the spirit of what is the Suicide Squad, I will not cop out and put a villain such as Galactus on the squad as he in no way comes close to the dynamic of the team and the jobs they carry out. The point of the suicide squad is that they are given suicidal tasks to carry out in order to shorten their prison sentences. Therefor, because Waller can't persuade immortal beings not to run away on the job with bombs in their heads, immortal villains are out.

Second, I will not include villains who would choose to save their lives instead of carrying out the mission. In other words, these villains have to be ready to die. While I realize that these villains have bombs in their heads thanks to Amanda Waller, this team is still made out of the best of the best. These villains know that in order to get a shorter jail sentence, they need to carry out the mission at hand. To be that badass, they must refuse to care that they will most likely die. It is this variable that makes them greater villains, making nothing stand in their way from their freedom to give their evil plans another go around. Also, while it is ok to attempt villainous acts to others on the team, it is not permit-able to attempt any action that would save their own lives and as a result fail the mission at hand. In other words, playing dirty is allowed, but no cowards at the missions expense.

Third. To refer back to the quote, my suicide squad may be formed by, "villainous misfits." Meaning, they don"t have to be villains, just beings who commit villainous acts. (only stating this to confirm anti-heros are a green light for the competition.)

With all this in play, it is difficult to find that one true team who's evil intent is so strong and willing that they would be ready to not only die for it, but also cheat the rest of the team out of their own glory. Without further delay, I present my wonderful creation. This are my lethal, badass, unstoppable band of villainous misfits. This is my suicide squad.


While I was thinking of putting the terminator on this list, I decided to include this one instead. Deathstroke the Terminator, a.k.a. Slade Joseph Wilson, is a 6'4'' 225 lbs. lethal badass mercenary. After Joining the army illegally at the age of 16, Wilson succeeded so well in his training that his commanding officer decided to marry him. As a result of loving his live, he volunteered as a test subject to find the effects of truth serum on a human being. The results were surprising to say the least as the treatment instead transformed Wilson into a physically enhanced metahuman super soldier.

With his new found abilities, Wilson became a deadly advisory. So much so that he became a high committee to the highest bidder, forcing him to become a mercenary for hire. Unfortunately, after a mission go wrong, Wilson's son was taken by a rival gang of mercenaries. Wilson saved his son, but at the cost of his son loosing his larynx, making him mute for the rest of his life. In such hated disgust for what her husband had become and how he had endangered her family, she shot Wilson and left him to die. Although Wilson was shot from the back of the head and damaged his eye, he found his new power in the rage he gathers once incredibly injured to the point any norman man would be at the brink of death. Thus, because of these acts, he became what even Batman considers the most deadly mercenary in all the world: Deathstroke.

Deathstroke's enhanced abilities include an enhanced mind that allows him to use 90% of his brain causing him to have a blazing fast reaction time and a 9x faster processing speed of thought and strategy. His enhanced body gives him superior strength, speed, and durability. He has an adaptive healing factor which is the cause of him night dying after being shot in the back of the head. As a matter of fact, Slade has been shot in the head, had his brains blown out, and came back to life in a matter of hours. However, just because he has this healing power does not mean he can't die. Decapitation would absolutely do the trick among other brutal ways to go. Don't worry. I'm not breaking any of my own rules here.

Calling Deathstroke lethal is an enormous understatement. For starters, he has mastered the arts of jiujitsu, karate, boxing, ninjitsu, and sword fighting. On top of his fast knowledge of fighting skills, he is also a skilled battle tactician who makes incredible strategies with the help of his enhanced cranium. He is the perfect tactician for the Suicide Squad.

In his arsenal, Deathstroke carries a set of dual machine guns, a sniper rifle, a promethium sword, an energy lance that fires concussive laser blasts, and a super bomb that effectively repels Superman and forces him to stay at bay. His armor is comprised of Nth metal, a fictional metal that resembles vibranium in that it is lighter and more durable than steel and gives him slight enhances in speed and strength, kevlar, and promethium just like his sword. Promethium however, in comics does different things than in real life apparently. When it comes to his armor and sword made from this incredibly strong material, it absorbs energy and has itself a healing factor allowing both his sword and armor to heal over time.

Don't forget about his rage. Once put to the brink of death, Deathstroke's rage increases his strength dramatically, making him topple even the biggest of advisories. He is one bad cookie.

Some feats that Deathstroke has achieved include:

  • Downing 38 man in under two minutes
  • Defeating most of the Justice League including Green Arrow, The Flash, and Green Lantern
  • Agile enough to elude Superman
  • Can see at a subatomic level
  • Can kick down reinforced steel doors with ease
  • Decisively defeated Batman in hand-to-hand combat

Now why did I pick Deathstroke over Deadpool? For a couple reasons actually. First, because of the way his family left him, Deathstroke truly does not care if he lives or dies. He does what he does because it is his life and passion, but also because it is all he knows which makes him more badass. When it comes to Deadpool, he was just some guy with cancer who stumbled upon a treatment that gave him his abilities. They didn't even cure his cancer. Second, Deadpool isn't villainous enough for my Suicide Squad. Sure he commits villainous acts, but the way he does it is just strait annoying; not foreboding or avenge-full in any sort of way. On top of that, no one would be able to stand him forcing the squad to beg Waller to blow his brains out. His personality is just all wrong, which makes Deathstroke's seem that much better.

Deathstroke's value to the squad is unmeasured because of the amount of skill, experience, and his all around not-caring-if-he-dies, confidant attitude. From creating a winning strategy, to being over prepared for the mission, Deathstroke is an invaluable member and true lynch pin in my Suicide Squad.


Let me start by saying that I am not that fond of this pick. Yes it's my own team but I feel like I'm selling out by using Marvel's latest big bad in their cinematic universe. However, I believe all Marvel movies to a horrendous job with their character building and production, especially when it comes to their villains. So please allow me to explain my least favorite but possibly most crucial member of my Suicide Squad.

Again please let me explain. I realize Ultron is not a living being and therefore can't technically commit suicide. However, let me remind you about what the criteria is for winning this prompt. My team must be, "the most lethal, badass, unstoppable band of villainous misfits." To silence the comment section, Ultron can be used on my team with my rules still intact. Ultron, as we've seen in Avengers 2, can come to an unfortunate end. Also, while a bomb in his brain doesn't quite compute for Ultron, a virus or EMP could work just as well. So while he can reconstruct himself numerous times, he can still be put to an end. After clearing the air there, let's get started.

For starters, I am not using Avengers 2 as my origin for Ultron. I'm using the real back story that created this metallic exterminator. After fighting the Crimson Cowl, it was later reviled that the Avengers were in fact fighting their new foe, Ultron. It was not until Ultron was defeated five different times that Hank Pymn the original Ant-Man ...that's right. I went there... realized he created the Ultron program.

Ultron is a relentless unstoppable AI genius. Having the abilities to fly, control all machines in the world and also embody them, and numerous beams, missiles and other iron man related weapons make Ultron a real handful in combat. However, the two most important parts of Ultron are his armor and his mind. Since Ultron 6, Ultron has been comprised completely out of vibranium, the same material Black Panther uses for his claws and throwing shards and one version of Captain America's shield. Its AI is the real reason he is on my team. Because he can be defeated, as long as a part of him is in working condition, he can repair and rebuild himself making him a flying A-bomb shield of destruction. Perfect for any suicide mission.

Ultron is an incredible asset on account of his near indestructible body and astounding mind. He could force any machine foes to turn on each other or become drones to take out other obstacles in the teams way. He could also turn on anyone on this team and make it out alive. Ultron is one badass bad guy and is perfect for my suicide squad.

Annie Leonhardt

What would a Suicide Squad be without a ridiculously large brute? Problem is, most brutes are beyond stupid and that just wouldn't fly on my suicide squad. Annie Leonhardt is a graduate of the 104th Trainees Squad and a former member of the Military Police Brigade. She is exceptionally skilled with swords and went completely unharmed while hunting titans placing her the 4th rank. To help her case as suicide squad material, she is known to not work well with others and be more of a lone wolf. What a perfect character.

While I am aware the book goes in more detail about Annie and the other titans, I am sticking with where the anime has stopped as of this post.

Annie has the ability to transform into a titan like Eren. However, she is much more than just another titan. Her speed, agility, and fighting style are completely outmatched to every other titan in the anime. Not to mention, she is also the most intelligent. Catching on to my pattern by now? Villains are always better when they know they are stronger, faster and smarter but don't brag. They let their actions and successes do the talking for them. A trait also known as being a badass.

In human form, Annie is a deadly soldier when using her 3D maneuver gear. It is a set of compressed air powered cable lines allowing her to "fly" through the air and attack a titans week spot on the back of its neck. It requires incredible skill which she has an abundance of. Attached to the gear are numerous attachable blades for dispatching titans. She is so skilled that she was able to take down titans using the blades alone. Her fighting skill is a small boxed countering style. She forces her opponents to make mistakes and punishes them for it. Even without transforming, she is a real force to be reckoned with.

Annie transforms into a 14 meter tall titan. While in titan form, Annie is capable of healing any injuries and even regenerating parts of her body lost in battle. This ability is heightened by Annie focusing on her certain injuries instead of her body healing at a slower rate. Annie also has the ability to harden different parts of her skin at will. This hard crystal skin used as armor is strong enough for foe soldier's blades to shatter while hitting it. It also defends her from Eren's titan attacks. It also protects herself when it comes to her own attacks. She is also able to encase her normal self completely in crystal. However, her most impressive move is her scream. In true suicide squad fashion, Annie screams for back up from her fellow titans that actually devour her titan body so she would not be captured. She is an absolute survivor at any coast necessary.

Once, immediately following returning to human form, Annie took out Levi's entire squad a.k.a. the best soldiers humanity has to offer. While this is difficult to begin with, Eren always leaves his titan body incredibly fatigued to the point where he could nearly move making this feat seem completely impossible. But she was not done there. After taking out the team, she transformed again and defeated Eren all in a couple of hours. She is without a doubt worthy of being on this team with her skills alone. Add to the fact that she would rather get eaten by other titans and she makes an incredible asset and near unstoppable. I have found my brute. Annie Leonhardt is the third member of my suicide squad.

And last but not least...


Kratos, the ghost of Sparta is the final perfect piece in my suicide squad. I mean he is literally wearing his sins. What better lethal, badass, unstoppable character to close out my list than the demi-god turned god of war when he single handedly annihilated all of Olympus.

Raised in Sparta, the 6' Kratos was a captain in the Spartan army and the greatest warrior in all of Sparta. One day, when it seemed Sparta was destined to fall, Kratos made a deal with Ares, the god of war. He gained incredible rage and strength and eventually was named Ares' champion warrior. However, after creating his deal with Ares and gaining his new rage, he killed his own family by accident. Ares tricked Kratos while he was blinded by rage in order to let Kratos focus on being a better warrior. Their ashes turned white which attached themselves to Kratos making him completely covered in the white ash of his loved ones. For this reason, he hunts down olympian gods.

Kratos has an incredible amount of different weapons including:

Blades of Exile

  • duel short swords
  • wielded with chains seared to Kratos' arms
  • emit fire

Blade of Olympus

  • can kill gods and titans
  • hoe ares was killed
  • contains god-like powers
  • fires 5' long energy

Golden Fleece

  • blocks man, god, physical and mental attacks
  • strong enough to go up against the blade of Olympus

Bow of Apollo

  • rapid-fire and flame arrows

Claws of Hades

  • rips souls out of victims
  • calls new ones into battle

Neman Gestus

  • giant metal gauntlets
  • originally owned by Hercules
  • Incredibly strong
  • creates shockwaves and stuns foes

Icarus Wings

  • glide/fly
  • ripped off back of Icarus Wings
  • 18' wingspan

Boots of Hermes

  • improved running speed
  • run up walls

While it's important to discuss Kratos' weaponry, skill, and rage infused attitude, its equally important to take into account how much he doesn't care if he lives or dies on account of what happened to his family. Thus, making him a perfect candidate and perfect last piece to my suicide squad.

Even though he is incredibly strong, Kratos is not invincible. He is just simply to difficult to kill. In fact, he tried to kill himself with the blade of olympus and failed. In the end, he annihilated olympus turning the world into chaos, ushering in the apocalypse. There is no one better to round out this Suicide Squad.

So here they are. A master mercenary assassin, a near indestructible metallic genius tank, a 14 meter regenerating near unstoppable brute, and the god of war. I'm feeling pretty good about my choices. Also, with their conflicting personalities and beliefs, it makes these choices seem like a more genuine suicide squad.

To be honest, I wish I had put a Dragonball villain in here, a disney villain of some kind or even Man Ray. However, it was too important to make my first article to be taken seriously instead of a joke. Please let me know what you think of my team and how you believe mine would fair against yours. I welcome all kinds of criticism and wish the best of luck to all entering the contest. Just know, you will most likely loose. Just don't take it to hard ight?


So, as first posts go, what do you think?


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