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Jerry Hatfield II

Many names come to mind when I think of the word, "villain." Movies, TV shows, comics, cartoons, video games... There is a plethora of faces and names that spring to mind when you think of the one, THE bad guy. Sometimes the choices are easy, sometimes they aren't. But to have to sift through decades of options to single out four distinctive names, the challenge was mentally exhausting. I mean, you've got the movie monsters to choose from; Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Pinhead, Pumpkinhead, the list is extensive there alone. Comics gave us greats like the actual members of The Suicide Squad, Magneto, Sebastian Shaw, Ronan, Thanos, Apocalypse...

Then you have the childhood villains of cartoons: Skeletor, Mum-Raa, Cobra Commander, even no-thought choices like Fat Cat from the Rescue Rangers!

After hours of puzzling the question of who would make the perfect team in a multi-universal combination, though, I finally had to settle on the following for the reasons listed. I hope you enjoy!


To lead this ragtag group to successful ventures, I decided that there could be none other than the one and only Emperor Palpatine, from the Star Wars universe. He single-handedly planned and executed the nearly complete extinction of the Jedi Order, at the same time placing himself in a position to rule the entire galaxy. Cruel and manipulative, cunning and ruthless, and a physical challenge himself with the Dark Side of the Force to back him, no one would be better suited to lead such a team.


This one took some careful thinking. There are plenty of super-strength beings in the entertainment industry (Kahn from Star Trek would have been fun), but for my muscle, I chose Michael Myers from the Halloween series. He's practically indestructible, and once he sets his sights on his goal, there's nothing to stop him. Also, unlike Jason Voorhees, Michael has never actually died (remakes excluded), giving the idea that he is as close to immortal as evil can get. Let's not forget that he averages six and a half feet tall, is built like a tank, and can crush a man's head with his bare hands. He's also abnormally quiet, even when on the move, which would help when tact is necessary.


This one was a fun choice to pick through. There are so many villains that would be terrifying to have chasing you down. Boba Fett was my first immediate choice here, but I wanted more than he could offer (hard to say, trust me). I even thought about long-lost names like Rawhead Rex for this one, just because, why not?

After picking my mental library for a while, though, I decided that Pinhead from Hellraiser had to be in my group. Without the box to contain him, he literally is unstoppable, and logic would dictate that the group would have the box (we'll not get into how they'd control him; maybe it's a deal they made with him! They open the box, he goes after souls, everybody wins... That's semantics, though), so his targets wouldn't have a chance in Hell.

He works fast once he starts, and your targets would be guaranteed to suffer more than anyone could imagine.


With the first three already locked in, it was hard to lock in the last one. I didn't want to be cliche and just keep rolling out obvious names for anything, so I decided that, while Freddy Krueger would have been ideal for this group so that my team would have the advantage awake AND in dreams, I decided he was unnecessary since Pinhead also has dominion over the mind. With not much else really needed, I decided that the only choice was (pause for dramatic effect...) Sebastian Shaw from the Marvel Universe. For defense purposes, I see no better option than someone who absorbs anything and everything anyone can throw at him--unless it's a coin while time stands still--and then recycle that same weapon to use as his own. Bullets are no problem. Explosions, radiation, this guy can handle it all, and turn it right back around to bite you in the ass. Also, he has an odd sense of humor, which lightens the mood of the group to something that would parallel creepy.

While Emperor Palpatine and Shaw are both mortal and would need replaced eventually, I feel 100% confident that this outfit would definitely be more than adequate to cause sheer terror for years to come.



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