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The Flash Season one finale is over and left us with the questions. Barry Allen(The Flash) got the chance to travel back in time and save her mother and get justice for his father but he didn't change the past and stopped Eobard thawne(The Reverse Flash) to go back into the future. Eddie Thawne who is the ancestor of Eobard thawne killed himself . The Reverse Flash has been erased from the existence which reset the whole timeline.

However, the Eddie Thawne job is not done yet as singularity opened, forcing Barry Allen to run to the hole. The show faded with The Flash reaching to the core of the black hole.

The whole timeline is reset and clearly indicate that the next season is going to be huge. The Reverse Flash known as a greatest enemy of The Flash. So now the question is, will we see The Reverse Flash Back into the Timeline? and, In which timeline alternate timeline or the original timeline?. The entire season one of the show has been an alternate timeline because of the manipulation of Dr. Harrison Wells(Tom cavanagh's).

Andrew Kriesberg, who is the executive producer of The Flash has said “Part of the fun of The Flash is when you have people dabbling in sci-fi physics, they’re significantly altering the world. We established in the finale that the entire series of The Flash is, in itself, an alternate timeline that’s been skewed from the real one. Wells setting off the accelerator created all the metahumans, and the results of the singularity will also have long-term effects.”

Both Dr. Harrison Wells and Eobard Thawne are set to return in the second season, but no confirmation yet, whether Dr. wells will play the actual Harrison wells or the Eobard Thawne.


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