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"It ain't the years, it's the mileage."- Indiana Jones

Now that I've got your attention, relax, fan boys and girls. I'm a fan too! I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Getting to live vicariously through the Super heroes, we used to fantasize about, while gazing at each panel in our comic books. I know your fandom doesn't end with Marvel, you probably also love Star Wars, Star Trek and LOTR! Am I right?
Of Course! well, what if I told you that Luke Skywalker felt too much pressure in being a Jedi, so he decided to stop studying the Force! Literally just stopped and even threw away his light saber! You would be super pissed, right?! That is exactly what they did to Tony Stark in Iron Man 3...

We all loved 2008's Iron Man, which birthed our entire MCU (Officially) and while 2010's Iron man 2 had some issues (Mickey Rourke comes to mind) we all still felt elated at where Tony's life was going. Then, The Avengers dropped and it was huge!

Then Iron Man 3 came a year later and it promised to take Iron Man in a bold new direction! They didn't say

1st, Tony began having panic attacks, because of releasing that missile into space and seeing actual aliens... and knowing gods exist, and uh-- anyone else not buying this narrative? I have tried to appreciate this, but it doesn't add up for a billionaire playboy that builds and tests weapons for a living! Oh, yeah, he also escaped vile terrorists by building an arcane suit of armor... that could fly! Yep, Tony can fly in his suits and he's fast enough to break the sound barrier!

Tony, a self-absorbed man, who defeated his own mentor, Obadiah Stane and Whiplash, has panic attacks. It isn't that I don't want to buy this, but it is a stretch. Of course Tony's in love with Pepper, which could add to his fears and this I do buy! The film, directed by Shane Black, who worked with RDJ in "Kiss kiss, Bang bang," is no stranger to action. He was even in "Predator" and helped on the screenplay. So he knows the medium and Iron Man 3 is a fun, exciting film, but by its climax, an even bigger flaw emerges!

As pepper says, his suits are his distraction, which is an easy thing for a obsessive playboy to fall into; he is consumed by his 'toys!' So, to prove to Pepper that he can change, he destroys the rest of his toys!

Then, as Tony narrates this story himself, he realizes that he can get the shrapnel away from his heart. So, the iconic look of the ARC reactor in his chest is no longer needed. Why did he wait so long?

I get it! He was holding onto this shrapnel as a sort of punishment for the weapons he's allowed to fall into the wrong hands.

Now, he's ready to let it all go; the past, pain, punishment. Tony's ready to be happy, but that brings a new problem, that becomes clear in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Tony, free of the ARC reactor, is in battle with a new 'suit!' WHAT?!

Yes! He is still Iron Man and we love it, but apparently, he's not powering it with the ARC reactor any more. Tony wants to end the fights, wants to disband the Avengers and "go home!" after one film, fans... *Sigh* he does this by coercing banner into helping him create a global guardian and doesn't tell the rest of the team. Banner should've known better!

By the end of the film, which is still a fun, exciting ride, makes many fans hate how Stark just wants to stop being a hero! In the first 2 Iron Man films, he loved the suits and we did too! Now he doesn't like the flying and fighting anymore! What a downer!

I actually feel like the biggest mistake in Iron Man 3 was that Pepper lived! (Sorry Gwyneth) If Pepper would've died, Tony would have been broken and his current choices in Age of Ultron would have made more sense! Maybe, just maybe, that pain of losing her would've made him want to stay in the fight! Like in Star Wars, just as Luke Skywalker's struggle against the Dark Side makes the trilogy truly great, so, Tony's constant struggle and longing to do good as Iron Man is what we need to see. We also want to see Iron Man soaring the skies and enjoying the suits that he's made!

What if Tony is not himself?

As it stands, with Tony's current actions, I wonder if there is a way to repair it. Is Tony just tired of being "Iron Man?" (RDJ may be)

But what if Tony has been replaced by a Skrull? Just stop laughing and hear me out. He may have been replaced shortly after his flight into space and if he's the first Skrull taking over a human body, what if his Alien physiology is out of wack, causing him to have 'panic attacks.' This would also be an excellent reason for him to suddenly be able to have a doctor take the shrapnel out!

Ever asked why Tony built the bad guy in AoU?
Ever asked why Tony built the bad guy in AoU?

Maybe Tony will die in Civil War and we'll find that he wasn't tony at all!

Get ready to rumble!
Get ready to rumble!

Personally, in my fan boy mind, I would love to see Tony, with ARC reactor still in place, seen on an alien ship, somewhere in space. Perhaps to be rescued in, maybe, Guardians of the Galaxy 2?

I know, wishful thinking, but my hope soars.


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