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If you're like me, the realm of movies is something that interests you. It brings you joy, happiness, sadness, and sometimes even fear. Movies are a great way to make people feel a wide array of emotions, which in turn leads to how you feel about things and sometimes even how you perceive life.

The direct link to that idea lies within the scores of movies.

Here is my opinion of the best ten movie scores of all time:

10. The Amazing Spider-Man

To be 100% honest, I didn't like this movie as much as everyone else. It felt way too much like a reboot from the recently ended Spider-Man 3 and it just was an okay plot along with okay acting. One thing I loved about the movie was the score. My favorite part of the soundtrack is "Promises".... take a listen!

9. The Lord of The Rings

What masterpieces these movies are. While I haven't seen them all, the theme has stuck with me to this day!

8. Harry Potter

Arguably one of the most iconic scores of any movie franchise in history, Harry Potter has laid the stepping stones for something beyond the fantasy of books and movies. The people behind Harry Potter have done everything right. Books were perfect, movies were perfect, soundtrack was perfect, and if you've never been to Harry Potter world then plan to go there because it is perfect too!

Also take a listen at my personal favorite soundtrack of the franchise here:

7. Jurassic Park

My first time seeing this movie was so exciting! I used to love dinosaurs, and Jurassic Park was my all time favorite film for as long as I can remember. I often find myself listening to this soundtrack over and over because of how catchy it is. This score is so classic, I hope they somehow incorporate it into Jurassic World which releases in July! I can't wait!

6. The Theory of Everything

Now some of you may think I am absolutely crazy to place this before Harry Potter and Jurassic Park, but this movie and the soundtrack behind it made me convey so much emotion throughout the entire movie. This soundtrack is brilliant, along with the story it tells.

5. Transformers

Man I geeked out so hard seeing the first transformers movie! This score brings me directly back to the theater. Although Age of Extinction was a big disappointment in my opinion, I'm waiting to one day see our infamous robotic protectors in their greatest from on the big screen.

4. The Avengers

One of the most anticipated movies of my generation, this movie does everything right. The story, the characters, and all the movies that marvel releases are masterpieces in their own right. I mean, just take a listen at this score! It just makes me want to suit up and fight crime!

3. The Dark Knight

One of my all time favorites. There's not much to say about this score, except that it is for sure one of the most epic movie soundtracks of all time. What's a greatest movie score list without Hans Zimmer?

2. Titanic

Everyone knows about the fateful disaster of the SS Titanic, but this movie brought us another aspect of life through an event. Love. The soundtrack just makes me want to call my entire family to tell them I love them. Take a listen:


1. Star Wars

The greatest most iconic move theme of the entire galaxy! Star Wars is the one and only thing that gets me out of my chair and crying of joy and happiness! If you don't feel, some kind of excitement from that opening theme, I don't know what's wrong with you!


What is your favorite movie theme of all time?


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