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A fratboy, an assassin, an archer, an heir...who will Oliver Queen be in season 4?

With the resignation of his role as Ra’s heir in waiting -somewhat disappointing, but friendlier to the CGI budget - and Thea a rising archer, Arrow Season 3 concludes on a somewhat, suspicious dose, of a happily ever after.

Given the well established angst of the show, I’m eager to embrace my cynical side, and assume that, the worst is yet to come.

Only slightly reassured by the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow trailer, it is time to question what will bring Oliver Queen back to Starling City.

Assured that he need not sacrifice himself to the consumption of his role as the Arrow, or Ra’s - due to his camaraderie with the very capable Diggle and Malcolm - it is perhaps Ray’s apparent death, that brings Felicity and Oliver back. Or if we’re not considering the concept of sentiment; Palmer Tech.

Left a bit disappointed by the all too happy conclusion - though grateful for the reprieve from a series worth of angst - I was sure this episode would feature more Barry Allen, and a few more revelations. Are we forgetting Oliver has a son out there?

One of the more exciting events of this finale was the atomization of Ray Palmer, and Felicity in the Atom Suit (but that was obvious).

Though unsure of how being smaller makes you invincible to massive burst of flames - comic book fans feel free to jump in - the city in no way, feels safe with my Quasi-Arrow step-in, indisposed.

Adding to the storm Oliver may have forgotten was brewing; long before the bioweapon made its way to Starling, is Detective Lance; who has Oliver shot, despite him saving the day.

On the assumption of the general public, that the Arrow is the supposedly murdered, Roy Harper, and is policed by a drunken, grieving Captain, Starling city is more open than ever to crime and meta-human antics.

On a lighter note, the moment Olicity fans have been waiting for has arrived. With Oliver’s acceptance of both himself and the pursuit of happiness, will Arrow take on a similar tone to the Flash, to reprieve us from angst, with this much loved approach to a DC adaptation?

Speaking of adaptations, will Malcolm’s end of the bargain to Oliver mean the revival of Sara Lance, and the birth of Legends of Tomorrow? Or, is Malcolm simply an interim chief, to govern the city that is so clearly far from saved. Has Oliver accepted that he need not be the sole purveyor of justice?

Moving on from conclusions, to predictions for Season 4, shall we trust Malcolm Merlin? or assume that Damien Darhk will be after our new Ra’s in the midst of this power reform?

In the name of more crossovers with The Flash, Damien Darhk is likely to threaten the bargains made with Malcolm and, the morality of Caitlin Snow, with his H.I.V.E army.

Left to be answered within this finale:

IS Oliver married to Nyssa? I doubt the league has many legal documents to lock them down to society.

Will Felicity make Palmer Tech the new HQ; filled with a permanent presence of ‘under construction’ plastic sheeting?

How long will Ray be Atomized given his move to the Legends of Tomorrow?

Have we said our final goodbyes to Roy Harper?

Will Maseo be revived? (Because, I love him).


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