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Oh what a mashup! What a lovely mashup! Maybe I'm still running off the high of seeing the incredible Mad Max, but cinematographer and video effects artist Kris Sundberg has made this awesome parody combining my new favorite action movie with one of my favorite N64 games and created Mario Kart: Fury Road.

Before I say more about it, watch this fan-made video below and marvel at the greatness that is Mad Max paired with Mario Kart:

I had a feeling those explosions may have had some help from a blue shell or two! This video is jam packed with reference to Mario Kart, some of them more subtle than others. Here were a few of my favorites:

A few Item Boxes

The dreaded Blue Shell

Some Bob-ombs for good measure

Rainbow Road

DK's drums

Don't mess with Bullet Bill

There were plenty more nods to the game in the video not listed here, what were some of your favorites?

[Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445) is currently in theaters nationwide.

(Via: Kris Sundberg, YouTube)


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