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Everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the reunion of Full House- Fuller House. Fuller House is focused around recently widowed, and pregnant, mom of two, DJ Tanner-Fuller. While much of the original cast is excited to return, or do their guest spots, the Olsen Twins have decided not to return- even for a guest appearance.

I've been seeing article after article about how this is going to doom the Netlflix ordered show. I agree, it is sad the show that made them famous, can't count on them to appear, I don't believe it is going to doom the show. If you remember the original show, the youngest Tanner sister wasn't a main focus. Don't get me wrong, little Michelle was beyond adorable, and has the cutest catchphrase ever ("You got it dude!"). But how much of the show was really based on the toddler star? The show mostly focused on the trials of the parents, which yes, included all three children (later 5, with the birth of Uncle Jesse's twin boys).

Here are a few reasons why I believe Fuller House will STILL be a hit for its TRUE fans.

* The storyline of the show is- DJ Tanner-Fuller, Stephanie Tanner, and Kimmy Gibbler. The storyline is that DJ's husband has recently passed away, and now she needs helps raising her growing family. So she calls no one other than her best friend Kimmy, who has a teen daughter of her own, and one of her sister's, Stephanie. Sure, it may seem a little odd that DJ didn't call both of her sisters, but have you noticed how close to the original story the revival is? Who does Danny call? His best friend, and his brother in law.

* The rest of the cast is excited for the reunion. If you've followed the cast of the show throughout the years, it seem every now and then, the gang gets back together for a small reunion. The pictures usually have most of the rest of the cast...How many of those pictures have you ever seen Mary-Kate and Ashley in? They have been incredibly famous since they were Michelle, and their fame has only gotten bigger.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Olsen Twins, and I always have, but I'm not totally devastated they aren't in the new show. I'm excited that the show wasn't basing its return on the A-List stars, and its going to carry on without them.
With Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber- not to mention guest appearances from John Stamos, (with visits from Danny, Aunt Becky, and Joey still in the works, although all have said they would love to come back), I think the show will do just fine.

And hey- the twins aren't the ONLY Olsen sister... Little Elizabeth is all grown up, and looks alot like her older sisters. Michelle, after all, is not really a twin, so maybe it makes sense that Elizabeth takes over the grown up role of Michelle Tanner.


Are you still going to watch the show without Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen?


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