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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Today, we are in a true golden age of cinematography. The advancements made in technology have made it possible to accomplish so much more. Films like The Avengers and Man of Steel would not have bee possible on such a grand scale 30 years ago. [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is set to be one the biggest blockbusters in movie history and with such a huge cast it should be great. If this film was made in 1985 who would they cast to play the roles of these characters?

Pierce Brosnan as Batman

Pierce Brosnan is personally my favorite James Bonds and I believe he could pull of a great Bruce Wayne. Brosnan is an outstanding actor fully capable of handling a role of such magnitude. Pierce Brosnan looks like a Bruce Wayne, that squared jaw and black hair, he really has that rich, vigilante type vibe. Rumor has it that Pierce Brosnan was offered the role of Batman before Michael Keaton, he for some reason turned it down as he would have made a great Batman.

Christopher Reeve as Superman

I was trying to avoid casting actors who were already playing the role but there is nobody I think of that's better for Superman than Christopher Reeve. There was nobody that compared to him back then and its is hard for me to picture anyone else in that role. Henry Cavill has done a great job as Superman, but Christopher Reeve was revolutionary in the way he played the role, the perfect Superman.

Albert Finney as Lex Luthor

Albert Finney, best known as Daddy Warkbucks from Annie, would be a excellent choice for Lex Luthor. He has that coldness about him that reminds me of Lex Luthor and he looks exactly like him. Daddy Warbucks, as much as I hate to admit was always one of my favorite characters in film and that is all due to Finneys's performance and I always pictured him as Lex Luthor. Albert Finney is definitely my top choice.

Joan Severance as Wonder Woman

Joan Severance isn't exactly the most experienced actresse, but the fashion model just screams out Wonder Woman. The very first time I saw Joan Severance I knew that she would make the perfect Wonder Woman. She is a very strong woman and could hold her own, definitely would be a good choice for Wonder Woman.

Mark Hammil as The Joker

Mark Hamill in 1985 was known everywhere as Luke Skywalker, a role that has defined him since the mid 70's. Recently Hamill has voiced The Joker in multiple animated features and some even campaigned for him to be cast as The Joker in Suicide Squad. Jack Nicholson did an amazing job as The Joker in the 80's, a performance that will never be forgotten, but Hamill would have done an excellent job along with this star studded cast.

Rob Lowe as The Flash

Today, The Flash that we will see on screen is Ezra Miller, but back in 1985 who could pull it off? My choice would have to be Rob Lowe, the hearthrob of the 1980's. Rob Lowe was every teenage girls dream guy back then, and he could definitely pull of a young Barry Allen. Lowe's acting ability is really quite underrated, he is definitely more talented than what he gets credit for.

Do you agree with my list? Who would you cast? Let me know down below in the comments!


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