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Thomas Marsula

I've been Digimon masters Online about three years which is about how long it's been out. As a part of my Let's Play I think I've come a long way. I'm outreaching with twitter and in the youtube community now more than ever. My experience taking on this game has currently been a bore fest. So I decided to make something interesting so in my latest Let's Play which I'll post below:

I issued an three artist challenges. The first is to draw Gaomon the blue wolf like digimon I have with me like he's wearing the hokage uniform. The second is to draw Squirtle and Cyndaquil in gangster gear and the last challenge is Gaomon fighting against Squirtle. You can send these drawings to my twitter tmmarsulajr or send me a link to a site you've posted it to. These drawings will be included to their respected let's plays and the artist will get an honorable mention/plug. This is to help make Digimon Master more unique. This challenge is open. It will also help to subscribe to my channel to help it to continue to grow so copy and paste the link below and subscribe to help out the "rising youtube star."


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