ByMelanie Barber, writer at
kstew and alicia cargile just hanging out.
kstew and alicia cargile just hanging out.

We all know that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Broke up. Its also common knowledge that Rob is now engaged to be married to FKA Tiggs. So its reasonable to think that Kstew has moved on also. But is it fair to just assum that shes just jumped into a relationship with alicia cargile.

Kstew is feeling down about her ex's upcoming nuptuals. So wouldnt it be reasonable that the person closest to her be there to help her threw the hard times. Best Friends are like siblings and significant others combined. simply put they touch, hug, hold each other, whisper, and in some cases sleep in the same bed. So until they are caught making out or openly tell the world they are a couple let friends just be friends.

Its been said that KStew has also reached out to Taylor Lautner one of her co stars in Twilight for support. At this point i think the whole thing has been a slippery slope. KStew has been self loathing about what happened with Rob. While Rob is punishing KStew for breaking his heart. I personaly hope the whole thing blows over and they get back together.


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