ByJacob Pfister, writer at
I give Tomorrowland 8/10 stars

it was good and very well thought out. George clooney did a very good job on the movie and Britt Robertson had good acting too. The movie is about a girl named Casey Newton and people are always telling her about how the world is dying but she wants to know how to fix it and she gets arrested for reasons I will not share for those of you who care about spoilers and when she gets her stuff back she is given a pin and when you touch it you are taken to "Tomorrowland". That's all I will tell you about the plot so I don't spoil anything but you should see it. A lot of people are saying "Tomorrowland" is bad but they just thought it was boring because there's a lot of talking but I would say there's a good amount of action as well, like "interstellar". So don't listen to people that say it's bad unless you cant handle movies that explain stuff and then get to action. "Tomorrowland" is directed by brad bird who made "mission impossible ghost protocol, incredibles, and is making the upcoming mission impossible". "Tomorrowland" stars George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Raffey Cassidy, Hugh Laurie, Tim McGraw, and Pierce Gagnon. George clooney has starred in "oceans eleven, batman and robin, from dusk till dawn and others". Britt Robertson has starred in the tv show "under the dome" that is having a third season this summer. Hugh Laurie starred in the tv show "house". Pierce Gagnon starred in the tv show "extant" with Halle Barry. Tim McGraw starred in "the blind side". Raffey Cassidy starred in "snow white and the huntsman". If you are a fan of "the incredibles" you'll be glad to know that after brad bird is done with "mission impossible rogue nation" he is making "incredibles 2". "Tomorrowland" was a very thought out movie and I would consider it a genius sci f movie. "Tomorrowland" is still in theaters don't miss it.


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