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Spiderman is my favorite super hero
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When i got an email from MOVIEPILOT I was like "Hmm Interesting." But then I saw the contest then I was like "WOAH I HAVE TO ENTER THIS CONTEST!" So I did! So here are my choices for the Suicide Squad if I could Pick the Villains!

#1 THANOS - Infinity

You Don't want to Double cross Thanos because if you do you will get a beating. Thanos if very power with the Infinity Gauntlet Especially if he has all Six stones. He could use the Time stone and make you so old and kill you with one punch! He could use the Mind Stone and make you kill your self! "Nuff Said"

#2 Venom - The Amazing Spider-Man

Ok first of all Venom has HUGE AND I MEAN HUGE CLAWS AND VERY SHARP TEETH! Venom could like eat you or stick his HUGE claws through you torso! And the Symbiote could go on you and turn you into Venom! Don't forget his massive strength! "Nuff said"

#3 Galactus - Hunger

Galacatus EATS WORLDS FOR BREAKFAST LUNCH AND DINNER! He could crush Giant Man like a bug. Galactus is huge in size and his stomach is even bigger! "Nuff Said"

#4 Shredder - TMNT

The Shredder is not only a master in the art of Ninjitsu he also has many swords knives Daggers! And if you've seen the movie he throws like 3 or 4 Knives and then he opens his hand and the knives come flying back to him! You can't say that's not deadly! "Nuff Said"

Well these are my choices for my suicide Squad! I Hope you liked my choices and I look forward too seeing all of your choices!


What did you think about my choices?


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