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Color me intrigued by the thought of creating my own Suicide Squad team. As a comic book nerd, I've always loved the villains. Deathstroke is one of my top five favorite comic book villains ever, but he's already had a spot on the Squad. Now, with the freedom of choosing any villain in the known universe, it's time to let my imagination go nuts. I'm going to restrict any villains that are all too powerful, such as horror icons that won't die in five sequels, because it just seems a little too easy at that point.

1. Leader - Hans Gruber from Die Hard

As a villain, Gruber is a genius and a master tactician. He's able to imagine a plan, account for every end result (except headstrong New York cops with quippy one-liners), and is able to execute his plan, and a few company heads (no pun intended) along the way. Though he's only human in a team of a few superpowers, his intellect is his weapon and his greatest strength.

2. Cato from The Hunger Games

For his whole life, he's been bred to hunt, bred to kill to honor his district and country. Physically intimidating and able to withstand lots of damage, Cato represents the perfection that Panem strives for when breeding tributes for the Hunger Games. Though he might not be the brightest on the team, he'd be a valuable member in the times when they want to cause damage.

3. Bellatrix Lestrange of the Harry Potter series

Second in command of Voldemort's Death Eaters, Lestrange represents pure evil in her actions and methods. She's an exceptionally powerful witch, with a demented psychosis to fuel her villainy. Though a loose cannon, and often difficult to control, Lestrange is a powerhouse of destruction and would be one of the most effective members on the team.

4. Amon from Legend of Korra

This water-bending master is the final member of my team. Not only skilled in water-bending for both combat and body manipulation, he's a master of deception as well, able to tell a lie, hold the act, and fool thousands into believing him. With a few words, he can inspire his allies or terrify his enemies, making him valuable in both physical and psychological combat.

This is a fun contest to take part in and I highly recommend you rack your brains for your favorite villains. Who would you choose for your four key members of the Suicide Squad?


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