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The contest asked us to select a group of 4 villains to make up our own suicide squad. When thinking of this I had to ask myself what would make up a good team and I decided that you would need 4 distinct individuals to make up the team 1. A leader that can control a group of 3 other cut throat, evil, disloyal, powerful, and ruthless vilians 2. A loyal second in command that would serve blindly and keep the others in line 3. A brute who does all the heavy lifting and 4. An evil genius who always wants to lead but is better served being a lacky. So taking these four things into consideration this is my suicide squad team.

1) Thanos

OK this was easy for me, the mad Titan actually became god, who better to lead a group of egotistical vilians all with a god compled then someone who became the most powerful being in the universe. You would also be hard pressed to find another villain that could match his raw ability without the infinity gauntlet. Add to his credentials is the fact that he has a thing for death and you have the biggest bad A $$ in all the universes.

2) Soundwave

Soundwave is loyal to a fault to Megatron. His blind loyalty would be an asset to a leader like Thanos. He is devoid of emotion and guilt and will blindly carry out any insane order Thanos can come up with. He also comands a small army of his own with his cassettes. Lastly he has proven to be a skilled warrior on his own.

3) Bizzaro

Bizzaro doesn't have much in the way of brains but makes up for it with brute strength. He would fall right in line with whatever he is told by Thanos and would be easy to control. Looking for loyalty again I imagine Thanos knowing every string to pull on Bizzaro and no one can match his sttength. Just imagine how much damage he could do with Thanos directing him.

4) . Dark side

If there are two creatures in all of the universes that could aline with like ideals it would be Thanos and Darkside. Both have a desire to rule and destroy alike. They would be an unstoppable combination that are both smart enough to realize they are stronger together than apart. Darkside would be a huge asset for Thanos and a being of equal intellect that he could off a differing opinion and be taken seriously by the mad titan. Some may ask why Thanos leads over Darkside and it's simple while Darkside has always wanted to be a god Thanos has accomplished it.

So that is my Suicide Squad I hope you like it and let me know what you think.


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