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Create your very own Suicide Squad. Use any villain... ever. Across all platforms. Pick four. Just four. Wow. What a task. So many different ways to go with this. Why not start at the top? Some villains are so powerful, so strong, so smart that they rise to the top of power in some aspect or another. Through the years, many different villains have held some variation of the title “King.” If you’re going to put together a team of villains, might as well start at the top right? This is my variation of the Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad - The Kings of Evil

Doctor Doom

The leader. The brains. The King of Latveria. This evil mastermind has plagued the Fantastic Four and the rest of the heroes of the Marvel Universe for years. He is a scientific genius with mystical and technopathic powers, impenetrable armor and incredible hand-to-hand combat skills. He has challenged Thanos and stolen the powers of the Beyonder. Quite a resume. Seems to me that he is the clear choice to lead the Kings of Evil.


The exterminator. The calculating cold-blooded killer. The King of the Decepticons. Megatron is one of the names that comes up first when you think of the word ‘villain’. He is a gigantic unstoppable killing... machine... for lack of a better word. He can be a robot in disguise, but he would rather just destroy anything in his path. Optimus Prime and the Autobots have been at war with him and his Decepticons for years, but now he has a new team. Megatron is the killer for the Kings of Evil.


The muscle. The dull-witted raw power. The King of the Koopa. Bowser is another very well-known villain. The antagonist to maybe the most famous video game character of all time, Bowser’s evil is legendary. And he is an evil king in the most classic sense. Kidnap a princess, and hold her prisoner in your evil castle. The classic evil plan. And did I mention he’s a gigantic, fire breathing, dinosaur-turtle-type-thing? Beause he is. He may not be the brightest. I mean typically, Mario just has to get behind him to beat him. But he is certainly powerful, and that earns him a spot as the muscle for the Kings of Evil.

King Ghidorah

The monster. The secret weapon. Creation of the Garogans and weapon of mass destruction for the Xiliens. While he may not be a king in a literal sense, he could certainly be considered the king of monsters. That is, if it weren’t for his nemesis, Godzilla. He has taken on the iconic kaiju on numerous occasions. In fact, Godzilla needed to team up with Mothra and Rodan to defeat him. Imagine what evil plan the three evil kings listed above could put into action while earth’s heroes were dealing with this monster. Whether he is just a distraction or used for destruction, King Ghidorah is the secret weapon for the Kings of Evil.


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