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marvels "avengers age of ultron" was amazing. My personal opinion is its not as good as the first but that's my opinion. "Avengers age of ultron" is about the avengers retrieving lokis scepter from "avengers". After they retrieve it tony stark misses a bug in one of his robots and it becomes ultron and mistakes humans as a threat to themselves and tries to make them extinct. Joss whedon did a awesome job on the movie. Sadly he won't be returning to direct "avengers infinity war parts 1 and 2". Joss whedon is known for "firefly, Buffy the vampire slayer, avengers, serenity, agents of shield, and now avengers". "Avengers age of ultron" adds new characters into the mix which really adds a lot. You can see the brother/sister bond between scarlet witch and QuickSilver and vision is absolutely awesome. For those of you expecting a big part for falcon, he's only in two scenes. War machine plays a major part at different parts of the movie. You learn a lot about the characters like hawkeye, black widow, and hulk. The movie makes a lot of hints towards other marvel characters and movies and completely sets up the setting for "captain America civil war". The hulkbuster scene was awesome, you won't be disappointed. For those of you that aren't caught up on "agents of shield" for some reason, I hope you weren't expecting a big crossover between the two because for some reason it had nothing to do with "avengers age of ultron". But if you aren't caught up on "agents of shield" you have a big season finale to look forward to. It was awesome. Watch "avengers age of ultron" while you can don't wait for it to come out on video, watching it in theaters is worth it imax 3d recommended.


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