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I like comics and my brother Jacob loves comics and helps me with ideas

So this is my first post. Sorry if it's not the best.

1. The Joker

Heading up this list is the Joker. I know, I know. Real original right? But seriously, who better to head up this team of crazy misfits than this mad genius? He's a mastermind and a great strategist. He also brings out the best(or the worst) in his fellow squad members

My ideal Joker- Cameron Monaghan

As you can see he has plenty of potential and I for one would love to see more.

2. Wesley Gibson-Wanted

Every team needs a sniper and Wesley supplies just that and so much more. He's skilled in multiple forms of combat both ranged and close quarters. He is a trained assassin and can curve a freaking bullet. He's a skilled tactician and can take a beating.

My ideal Wesley- James McAvoy

I know he already had a chance, but it wasn't as bad as everyone said. He still made it pretty bad-ass.

3. Kraven the Hunter

Kraven is the brute of the squad. With his increased agility, strength, and stamina he becomes a formidable foe and valuable asset to this team. Being involved in the Sinister Six proves he can work in unison with others.

My ideal Kraven- Gerard Butler

He already has the right look for Kraven and has shown he can bulk up. After his almost primal role in 300, he's an obvious choice for a character such as this.

4. Venom(Eddie Brock)

Venom completes this list rounding off the team with his super human strength and agility, along with all the powers of Spider-man without the inhibitions. He's a poor soul taken over by a parasitic alien life form that transforms him into this fascinating creature.

My ideal Venom- Kellan Lutz

This beefy actor is a great pick for this role. He has shown that he can be vicious and primal with just the right amount of insanity.


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