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Michael Carline

Looking at the title of this article I want to add the disclaimer that I liked both Fantastic Four movies. With that being said they obviously had their faults and we all know what they are ... I am looking at you Galactus Cloud thing. The biggest fault though is the fact that they even attempted to make them a movie franchise in the first place. I have always thought The Fantastic Four wouldn't work in a standard 2hr movie format but rather was tailor made for a 24 hour television show and I don't care how you change aspects of the characters origins and how hip or cutting edge you make them it still isn't going to work and these are my reasons why.

My first reason has to do with what makes the Fantastic Four unique, they are a family. They are actually THE family of the marvel universe. This concept of a family having super powers is what is at the heart of the group. That idea of a family unit is at many times the main antagonist in their stories and what drives the plot along. You just can't have that kind of dynamic in a movie without taking some leaps. Now I know The Incredibles was able to pull it off but ask yourself how much did we crave more from that movie and it is marketed to a younger audience than the Fantastic Four.

If you had a weekly show focusing not just on a main villain but also exploring the family dynamic of the group it would flesh out the characters more adding depth and conflict to their relationships much the same way The Flash and Arrow do with their cast. You could explore how they deal with each other and their powers while saving the world. I imagine the show taking place right after the origin while the group is adapting to the new world of power and fame they just entered.

Another reason it would work better on television is the ability to introduce more characters into the family like the things girlfriend Alicia. This would increase your character base and open the world up to more interesting stories with The Puppet master being the first to come to mind. How about a season dealing with Namor and Atlantis focusing on the strained relationship between Reed and Sue and Namor attempting to steal Sue away. Lastly you could add the children and how they add a different dimension to the family unit. None of this could be attempted to a satisfactory degree with the limited time constraints you have with a movie.

Lastly you could include some of the more unique villains in The Fantastic Fours rogues gallery without committing all of your stories to them. It would be hard to imagine an entire movie based around Balstarr or Mole Man but as back up villains in a few episodes that would move a main story arch along they would work well. Imagine a season spent in the negative zone you could have the main story revolve around getting home but could have so many connecting stories with different villains.

With the new Fantastic Four movie coming out I know I will go see it and that I will probably like it but in the back of my mind I will always wonder what could have been. Again this is just my opinion but I know if they started a Fantastic Four Television show I would definitely watch..... unless it had that awful Galactus Cloud thing then I am out.


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