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Scott Pilgrim's creator is in the movie!

In the movie "scott pilgrim vs the world you Might remember that part where Wallace (Scott's gay roommate) goes to Lucas lee (second evil ex) and says I'm a big fan and Lucas lee replies with why wouldn't you be and that actually happened to the author of the comic book scott pilgrim Brian lee o malley.

Mystery Light Switch

In the party in the beginning of the movie when Scott is leaning against the wall there is a light switch very high up on the wall and the director of the movie Edgar wright doesn't even know what that was and the cast didn't either

Stacey's name tag

In the scene where Scott is at Staceys work, Stacey is wearing the name tag that Brian lee o malleys sister wears in real life

Fiction vs Fact

Parts of "Scott pilgrim vs the world" are based on Brian lee o malleys life

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (the girl that played Ramona flowers) memorized all the different teas that she says in that one scene

Ramona Flowers

Scott on the guitar

Michael cera (the guy who played Scott pilgrim) is actually good at guitar

Hole in the Moon

You might remember how Ramona said her third evil ex todd Ingram punched a hole in the moon for her well each scene that shows the moon you can see a hole in it

Gideon's role in the comics

Scott mentions when he had to fight a guy in a purple suit so he could date Kim well in the comics that guy in the purple suit is Gideon the seventh evil ex

Good throw!

In the scene where Ramona delivers a package to Scott and Scott throws it behind him into a trash well he actually did that and it took 30 tries

Riding the bus

When the first evil ex blows up into coins and Scott says it's not enough for the bus in real life that was the exact amount it took to ride a bus in Toronto


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