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Erik Silgman

The movie Poltergeist (1982) was a movie written by Steven Spielberg, and directed by Tobe Hooper. Steven Spielberg also collaborated with Hooper throughout the movie making process. In other words, it was made by two master craftsman, attempting to derive perfection for a film that they both had a hand in making. Excellent writing, irony, creativity, and subtleties of the subconscious mind, all contributed to making their masterpiece unique and inspiring. Not exactly the kind of movie that I would be thrilled about attempting to remake.

Now lets pretend for a moment that you were a twelve year old kid, that knows as much about 1982, as kids from that era knew about cell phones. I would highly recommend this film for this generation. It is refreshing to see a high profile horror film that does not involve found footage, intertwined with long spells of nothingness. Apart from a few dialogue blemishes that the editor fell asleep on, this was a highly entertaining movie. However, it is imperative to write a review that links this movie to the 1982 movie, because that is the nature of this film. It relentlessly uses concepts from the original, that fall significantly short of the creative gem Spielberg and Hooper imagined. I could easily give you a dozen examples, but I do not believe in writing spoilers.

In defense of Gil Kenan (director) and writer David Lindsay-Abaire, there are instances of greatness for this film as well. I would also like to commend the entire cast of this movie for helping to add a very touching element to the film. The acting was superb, and I think the modern family unit was well represented in Poltergeist (2015), just as it was in the original. However, I couldn't help but feeling like they were somehow rushing through this movie, and getting caught up some sort of cross town traffic between this film, and the 1982 version. They were able to avoid a complete train wreck, but if you're going to remake a Steven Spielberg movie you better bring your A game. 6.1 out of 10


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