ByAnkit Lakhmani, writer at
Hulk Smash

So the Flash season 1 has now ended and everyone is waiting for the season 2 and MOST IMPORTANTLY WHAT'S NEW FOR US

So we saw caitlin as killer frost and flash museum and jay garricks helmet and hint about vibe ....

So we are going to cover killer frost jay garrick and vibe in this post


According to me this wont be our caitlin this would be the caitlin for any other timeline who came through the giant black holeishhh thingie she would be the second caitlin in our universe

They both look NEARLY the same this would cause team flash some problems

2. Vibe

Vibe will out cisco for sure and he will be the one who will sense the people from other timelines

For example killer frost ( the other caitlin) and bunch of whole new guys

3. Jay Garrick

This is the helmet we saw popping out of the wormhole and according to , jay garrick wil serve as the reverse flash for sometime at least until the confusion is clear that both the flashes are good (this could surely happen) then they both will team up and fight the rogues and...........


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