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After the Jedi Civil War the Sith Empire waited, and bid their time to create the perfect short film. Star Wars Old Republic cut scenes and promo combined to create the ultimate viewing experience. Honestly this short film is one of the greatest star wars experiences I have ever had.

Wookieepedia anyone?

The Great Galactic War, known as the Great War during the conflict and in the years afterward, was a war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic between 3681 BBY and 3653 BBY, lasting for a total of 28 years. Also known as the Republic–Sith War, the conflict was ultimately the culmination of a 1300-year grudge held by survivors of the old Sith Empire against the Republic for their defeat in the Great Hyperspace War.

Deus Ex Human Machina? Machinima Human Nerd Cinema? Now this is a real short film which has live action awesomeness to the max.

Based on the video game Deus Ex Human Revolution, the film dives into the world of Adam Jensen, a Sarif industries' security consultant that gets augmented after an incident that almost took his life away. Although the film doesn't follow the narrative of the game exactly, it remains true to the theme while focusing on the relationship between Adam Jensen, and his ex girlfriend Megan Reed......

Long , long time ago there was a video called Killzone Extraction

Killzone Extraction was filmed for a total of $2,500.00! A LOT of work went into making this film, so I hope you guys enjoy.

You know what I would make for $2,500??? Nothing I would buy a braaannnd neeww carrr. If you have ever seen The Price is Right on daytime TV you know what I am talking about!

Then I would get Intercepted by this Killzone Intercept short.

Killzone Intercept occurs before the events of Killzone 4 as the ISA evacuate Helghan. A small scout squad is called upon to stall a large group of approaching Helghasts that plan to cut off the ISA convoy from reaching the extraction point. Outnumbered, the squad takes on the task with hopes of getting everyone off the planet alive.

These short films are some of the best finds on YouTube within the last couple of years. I challenge you to find something better. Based off of video games or contained within the games themselves this is nothing short of 45 minutes of the best entertainment around.


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