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Australian and New Zealand users are in rage as Netflix overcharged them up to 10 to 15 times of the service fee.

Netflix Inc. expanded its global footprints to the Australian region on March 24. The company’s long awaited launch in the market was quite successful and it is content with the business it has been doing since then. Along with Australia, the online streaming giant also began operations in New Zealand and Cuba with now planning to expand in China in the coming times.

It was debated on many occasions that Netflix might struggle in Australia due to expensive access to Internet and online video content services. However, it made sure that users get the treatment and decided to lower its subscription fees for them.

The company targeted the Australian users and provided them with the cheapest deal to subscribe with the platform, along with the same catalog as of United States’ users. Moreover, it was in talks to get other deals that will make internet and online video content services cheaper for the users but it all exploited the company.

Many Australian users have been left in rage and some of them have argued with their banks after finding out that the online streaming service has overcharged them. Many customers have received an ‘overcharged’ bill of up to 15 times than their usual subscription service fee.

Not only Australian users but also New Zealand users faced the same issue as well and since then, those users have bombarded the social media accounts of the company with complaints regarding the service overcharging them with the fees.

A tweet by Mr. Jamie Collins, a TV addict, accused Netflix of stealing by saying, “Nice. Robbed by @NetflixANZ while I slept. Nice work .” In another post, Jamie Collins explained that the online video content service provider charged him 15 times of the service fee and ‘emptied his account’. He wrote, “I put $20 into the (account) to test after speaking to them – they took that too.”

Furthermore, another Netflix user, named David Li, from Sydney urged the company to fix its billing issues as soon as possible, as his account emptied as well after Netflix billed him. He said, “ please fix your billing issues, I got charged $11.99/month 11 times until my bank goes insufficient funds.”

Many customers wrote in their tweets to the company to explain the billed amount and to rectify it, as this is robbery without a doubt. The streaming giant was available to Australian users for AUS$11.99 and charging the service fee for 10 to 15 times is completely absurd.


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