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I'm young and i haven't read comics but superhero movies are part of my life
αλεξανδρος παναγιωτου

1) Thor Ragnarok : From the looks and hints of The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, it appears to be as though Thor will be put through hell and back. He’d must be to retreat to Asgard, which will likely make him much more rankled when he figures out that his reprobate embraced sibling has assumed control over their country. Everything we need to hear is those sentences above, and we’re as of now anticipating Thor: Ragnarok. Our fingers are crossed that the third time is an appeal, and that Chris Hemsworth will at last get the chance to sparkle in a Marvel film that makes us overlook the agreeable, if not feeble ancestors in the Thor line of movies. With or without snark, the set up for the third flick sounds really awful assed.

2) The Wolverine 2 : Hugh Jackman says that he’s got one final Wolverine picture in him, and that last film is coming in 2017. We have no idea what this film will be about or who else is going to star in it, all we know is James Mangold will be repeating his coordinating obligations after his fruitful residency on The Wolverine. It’s not a considerable measure to go on, but rather with the two best parts of the last film’s achievement in play, its hard not to be energized that they’ll be sending Wolverine off with a blast.

3) Toy Story 4 : Toy Story 4 is the ticket that bodes well, yet bodes well in the meantime. While Toy Story 3 put a passionate bow on the adventure of Andy, it likewise presented Bonnie and her renewed perspective for Woody, Buzz, and whatever remains of the toy box pack. With every short and uncommon that has been delivered in the recent years, we’ve step by step been prepared for another film trip, keeping in mind this entrance is as far as anyone knows going to be managing an alternate bunch of companions than we’re utilized to, we wouldn’t be shocked if our old companions returned in some structure or another amid the new story’s course.


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