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After a day which would have made any self respecting Batman fan freak out yesterday, revealing footage (below) of the Batmobile tearing after the Joker's car, I didn't think it could get much better. As it happens, I was wrong.

The Batmobile Pursues The Joker's Car

Brand new set footage reveals the Batmobile creeping even closer to the Joker's car, as in this set video.

Batman Riding on The Joker's Car!

Then, brand new images and videos of Batman actually riding on top of the Joker's car emerged. Rumors and speculation are that something takes out the Batmobile, or, pure Arkham Knight style, Bats shoots himself out of the cockpit to crash down on top of the Joker's car. And then he's on top of it.

Tearing round corners, too, the grey and black bat dominating the Joker's bright purple car (which also has neon green lights down the side). In this scene Batman doesn't have his cape, unlike the above video - this is purely for safety and practical reasons. Capes, including the likes of Superman's, Vision's, and Thor's, are often edited in post production.

One fan snapped a photo of Batman on top of the car before the car left. Yes, they're both stuntmen. Even without Leto or Affleck in the costumes themselves seeing that Bat costume perched on top of a car with a Joker with white skin and green hair in a white suit should be enough to give any Batman fan chills.

Fan concern over too many set photos and videos- don't worry, we know nothing!

On the note of set photos, David Ayer (director) released the above this morning with some fans voicing concern at the number of set photos. They're nothing to be concerned about. I think the leak panic is a bit overblown. Besides speculation, we know next to nothing and have seen extracts of what equates to probably no more than 15 minutes of footage in the final product.

There've been a lot of photos, sure, but guys, you have to remember how much filming takes place in a studio. We know they have a full indoor Arkham set, and -despite the fights happening on streets - we've heard no dialogue or had any reason for them being in those fights, they have a Belle Reeve set, a lot of dialogue is probably being shot indoors (i.e. in one set photo we see Deadshot and an army enter a building, the main scene is probably in the building, etc.) then added to the shooting that will actually be done in studios (i.e. a lot of Jared's scenes, it would seem, or Cara's scenes, and definitely Viola's Waller scenes). We still know nothing of the story. So stop stressing!

As an added bonus, provided everyone with a clear look at the Batmobile. It's very similar to its Batman V Superman counterpart, but notably missing the gun turret on the front.

So, who's going to tell me now that the "DC movies aren't building any hype?" Do you think literally thousands of people have crammed together in the streets of Toronto in the rain and cold for nothing? No, they crammed together to watch arguably the most famous and iconic hero/villain combo interact and combat each other once more in live action. And it's gonna be amazing.

Suicide Squad is set for release August next year, and will finish filming in a few months - the nature of Ayer's Tweet seems to suggest external shooting in the city may be wrapping up soon, however. In the mean time, let's relish these photos while we can!


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