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My name is Skye , I grew up in the Hunan Province in China, it was a beautiful place, I loved it, I used to go boat riding and sightseeing with my mother, but one day the "men in dark suits" came, it was horrible, so much blood lost and mom..... God I miss her, a whole team of armed men and women protected me until most of them died, the only things left was the the devastated debris of my province and a few men and women. That was the day I became a 0-8-4 (I had dangerous potential, good and bad e.g Thor's Hammer). Then I grew up at St.Agnes Orphanage, and sometimes I stayed in different foster homes, but they never liked me, so I didn't stay long, like once when I was nine, a family, The Brodys , who I really wanted to like me sent me back to the orphanage. One day I just ran away, trying to find my parents, I was so obsessed with finding them, that I joined The Rising Tide, a hacking group. After that day my life changed hugely, I am a world-class hacker, and hard-core badass who saves the world with superpowers (OH Yeah.....) Ps I'm a different species


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