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We all know pornography as a source of, erm, respite and something to get awkward over when watching with a group of people, but did you know that it is actually one of the most influential mediums and industries on the planet?

Porn has created all sorts of opportunities and innovations for entertainment and the internet, but with all of the butt slapping thanks we could offer, the genre comes with a huge load of weirdness.

Come, peep through the keyhole at 13 of the most insane facts about pornography:

13 Insane Porn Facts

1. Golden Showers (Of Cash)

Get this. The porn industry makes more money than the NFL, NBA and the MLB! It also makes more money than NBC, CBS and ABC! And, to top it off, the industry has a higher revenue than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Apple and Netflix combined!

2. No Middle Ground

Apparently "Teen" and "MILF" are the most searched pornographic genres on the internet. Apologies to all the over twenty, childless adult performers.

3. Cup Half Empty

There was a rumor circulating that Australian porn that featured women with breasts sized A or under was made illegal and banned from circulation down under. That, however, is not the case. The issue is with classification, meaning that trouble is raised when performers are considered "not adult enough"...

4. Digital Insanity

Did you know that pornography pretty much dictates digital media? In the '80s, porn sales aided VHS' victory over Betamax, just as DVD later dominated VHS, then HD-DVD submitted to the whims of Blu-Ray!

The industry even helped usher in a new wave of internet innovations with streaming and video downloading, digital rights management (DRM), pop up advertising and electronic billing. Now that's a mouthful.

5. Think Of The Trees!

Hey, guess what? As you're reading this, 30 million people are currently watching porn. I might be watching porn right now too! Is that weird?

6. That's A Bum Deal

The average going rate for a male performer is $500 for straight porn, but jumps up to a $1,500 for gay porn! Now that's a bubbling bank balance if ever I've seen one.

7. 5 Knuckle Death Shuffle

Meanwhile, if you're caught having a spot of solo fun in North Korea, the punishment is good ol' death. Suddenly blindness and furry palms don't seem so bad, huh?

8. Turnover

Reportedly, a pornographic movie is made every 39 minutes in the US! Which slips into the next point quite snugly...

9. Mad Friction

The porn industry makes 13,000 adult movies a year, amassing the ridiculous profit of $13 billion a year! That's a higher output and income than Hollywood. Them be the hard facts. Plus, I wonder how much of the energy generated by the performers could power small towns?

10. Hardcore Business

The sex industry, which comprises pornography, street prostitution, strip clubs and phone sex, is the most profitable industry known to man. Think about that for a moment...

11. A Beast In The Sack

In order to get pandas to mate, scientists came up with the bright idea of creating panda porn, in order to, you know, stimulate the beasts into getting it on with each other. So far, no one has seen as much success as the Chinese, who have had over 31 cubs born during a ten month period!

12. 'Cause Innocence Is Overrated...

Apparently kids in the US begin consuming pornography as early as 11 years old! And the internet's largest consumers of porn are 12 to 17-year-olds. Playing catch is pretty lame, I guess?

13. All About That Face, 'Bout That Face

While watching porn, men tend to focus more on a female performer's face, not all the other business that's happening on screen.

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