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I love photographs. Ones that tell a place's history, or pictures of friends...well, I'm kind of lying because my favorite thing is looking at pictures of creepy stuff, and I think a lot of people are the same, we as people just love strange and messed up stuff!

But, what I've discovered I like even more are pictures that totally weren't even meant to be creepy, but really are seriously weird, just by accident, which in turn kind of makes them even creepier.

Take a look at these unintentionally yet seriously creepy pics and judge them yourself, some of them are extremely strange! Take a look!

1. Teeth

"Excuse me Mister, you appear to have dropped something...out of your FACE."

2. Would you like some gum?

Joy mint? There is nothing joyful about the haunting face on that toy policeman, his eyes are burning into me!

3. Baby's First Footprint

Can you see the face?! Can you see the ridiculously scary face?!

4. Dog

The face of a dog, made of bark. The irony.

5. T-Shirt

Ok, we can all see that can't we?! The sleeves, on the red...yeah, we all see it, and it's weird.

6. What A Bunch Of Dummies

Can you imagine just walking to a room and seeing this?! You wouldn't sleep for a week!

7. Killer Clown

Has he met his fate after he fell out of a victim's window?! Maybe he is just playing dead but really he's ready to pounce. Ok, so I know it's not real, but I do know that it's scary. Clowns are so scary.

8. Lurking In The Shadows

Scary reflective eyes? Check. Weird twisted body pose? Check. Making a creepy photograph? Check.

9. Cup Of Face Anyone?

I don't know if it's the sad look, the really realistic eyes, or the fact the cup seems to be filled with a dark red liquid that creeps me out the most? Then again, all three reasons are good ones. I wouldn't like a coffee in that!

10. Redbox Possession

She has either been taken over by evil spirits or it is the bad Redbox selection that has made this woman able to dislocate her own head and look like a thing possessed!

source: ebaumsworld


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