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The Harry Potter franchise has been a part of our lives for almost 18 years now, and many of us have grown up either reading the books, watching the movies, or both. We grew up with the characters, cried when our favorites died, celebrated when they triumphed and, if you're anything like me, felt quite sad when the final movie was released because it meant a huge part of my childhood (and adult life) was over.

Fortunately, Harry Potter seems destined to live on for many years to come, such is the impact it has made, inspiring thousands of young people worldwide. While some may have been inspired to read or write, some, like the creator of the Tumblr page -Morning simply saw an opportunity to make Harry Potter scenes really inappropriate and funny by re-captioning them.

Take a look at these alternatively captioned Harry Potter scenes and see if they offend you, or if you can't resist cracking a smile at at least one or two:

That smooth recovery

Damn, Harry, be cool man!

Mrs. Weasley the secret bad-ass

Seriously, Molly Weasley is the BEST:

OG Malfoy

By the time you get to the last book, it's a little too late to be stealing phrases, Cormac. Leave it to the pros, would you?

That awkward moment...

Something, something Chamber of Secrets....

Not a proud Potter moment

When WILL he learn!

The ultimate slam

Ooh sick burn, but I don't know if insulting the Dark Lord is really a very smart move, Snape.

Mr. Weasley loves ALL aspects of Muggle life

Mr. Weasley - always interested in learning more about the muggle world by whatever means possible.

Oliver Wood: Master of pick up lines

That Wood's so smooth.

That inappropriate wedding chat

Whoa Harry, I've said it before: be cool man.

The Wizard King

Next thing he'll be lifting Harry up from the Astronomy tower as students below sing a moving rendition of 'the circle of life.'

Prof. McGonagall gives too much info

Urgh, no Minerva, no.

Source: Morning via Imgur


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