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Adding to the already ample list of cinematic reboots in Hollywood, 20th Century Fox is looking to drag another of their superpeople IPs out of the darkness for one more chance at the limelight. But this is definitely one potential franchise that deserves another chance.

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman (LXG), based on the Alan Moore penned graphic novel which featured characters such as Allen Quartermain, Captain Nemo and Dr. Jekyll, to name a few, is currently being primed by FOX to make its comeback, after a failed TV adaptation in 2013.

If you've forgotten about it or have no idea what I'm talking about, here's LXG's trailer:

LXG's first and last cinematic adventure attacked the big screen all the way back in 2003, and was the legendary Sean Connery's last live-action role before retiring (his last role proper was voicing Sir Billi in the animated comedy Sir Billi back in 2012). Unfortunately the feature wasn't met with rapturous adulation, and got slated by critics and audiences alike.

The O.G. League
The O.G. League

Baring in mind that the concept of LXG is, according to Moore himself, akin to a "Justice League of Victorian England, talk of its impending comeback is rather apt seeing as we already have the Avengers tearing it up in the name of freedom, the X-Men are still exceptional, DC Comics' Justice League are on their way and even Task Force X and the Guardians of the Galaxy have added their ten cents along the way.

So there is no better time for this group of extraordinary people from classic literary works by Bram Stoker, H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, et al, to burst back into the limelight. I for one would love to live in a world where we have so much choice of heroes to side with, whether they are comic-book adventures or the antics of classic characters!

Mila Harken's Hunger
Mila Harken's Hunger

So with that in mind, which actors do you think would slip the easiest into the Extraordinary Shoes of these Extraordinary Gentlemen? I've got some ideas, indulge me for a moment.

Are They Extraordinary Enough?

Allen Quartermain, Jr. - Bill Nighy

There are plenty of legendary British actors that have successfully turned their hand to action, and it's about time Bill Nighy was placed on the list. The thesp is a household name in the UK, and definitely has the chops to portray an extraodinary adventurer.

Mina Harker - Lena Headey

Lena Headey is one of the most badass actresses in the industry. Period. I mean she has played GoT's Queen Regent, the mother of John Connor, another queen in 300's Queen Gorgo of Sparta and Dredd's Ma-Ma. She deserves to be at the zenith of Hollywood, and maybe this reboot would be the catalyst for her ascension?

Dorian Gray - Richard Madden

The King in the North showed off a more charming and handsome side in Disney's recent live-action iteration of Cinderella, in which he starred as Prince "Kit" Charming. We're all very aware of the man's acting talent, he was astounding in GoT and hilarious in Sirens, and looks strikingly similar to LXG's Dorian why not?!

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Jamie Bell

You can always trust in Jamie Bell to put in a terrific performance, whether in or out of a skin tight mo-cap outfit. His impending performance as The Thing in this summer's Fantastic Four should uphold that fact. So there's no doubt in my mind that Bell should be able to pull off a monster of Hyde-ious proportions. Sorry.

Rodney Skinner (Invisible Man) - Paul Dano

I like Dano as an actor because he brings an unpredictability and innocence to his roles. Whether he is playing scumbag overseers or melancholic teens, he always manages to humanize oddities and strange characters. So playing a man who is invisible, and has, more than likely, gone a little loopy from his ability should come as no problem for Dano.

Captain Nemo - Naveen Andrews

And who else to play Captain Nemo than the brilliant Naveen Andrews. No stranger to playing strange and beautiful eccentric charcters, I think it's about time we got to see Andrews back on the big screen, don't you?

What did you make of that?

Was I close with my casting? Irrespective of that, I'm looking forward to the return of the league and its, hopeful success. But am still super disappointed that the spoof LXE - America: 1988 didn't actually happen. I mean, imagine that...:

(Source: Variety, Comics Alliance)


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