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Bioware's long awaited return to the Mass Effect universe has been teasing us for over a year now. We've vague ideas of what to expect from the next instalment, unless of course all of these leaks are completely accurate, in which case Bioware will be kind of repeating themselves at E3 next month. Speaking of E3, what do you think EA will show off from Mass Effect 4? Could we get a release date ETA?

We'll almost certainly get the name of the next instalment, as Bioware have already stated that it won't be called Mass Effect 4. But I wonder whether gameplay could be on the table. I somehow doubt it and expect to see something along the lines of a misleading but awesome cinematic trailer. But while there are a great many changes I'd love to see take place with the gameplay of Mass Effect 4, there's a strange little title that I thing represents the kind of leap I'd love to experience on release date between ME3 and ME4.

Jak II
Jak II

Mass Effect 4, its Gameplay On Release Date & Jak and Daxter 2

A very strange choice I know. I'm in no way saying that Mass Effect 4 should become a platformer, that'd be ridiculous! But if you've played the Jak and Daxter games before, you'll be familiar with the rather massive leap from Jak and Daxter to Jak II. Essentially, Jak II became a strange Grand Theft Auto hybrid. The games are famous for never showing you a loading time, even after death, and the transformation from the first instalment to the second is extraordinary.

Naughty Dog are famous for their design, and it's clear why! But in terms of navigation and actual gameplay improvements, I think Jak II is an interesting reference point between the Mass Effect trilogy and Mass Effect 4. For one thing, the loading times in Mass Effect always pulled me out of the experience, particularly when travelling around the Citadel.

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

After taking a look at the concept art for Mass Effect 4, it seems that we have a new kind of Citadel to explore and I seriously hope that Bioware eliminate loading times in terms of moving around the area. But also, one aspect we see in Jak II is the ability to hop into any flying car above you by kicking out the driver, or you could simply find one that was parked. I don't want to start kicking people in the Citadel - unless the gameplay allows me to be a serious renegade.

But flying around smaller areas in a sky car would be an insane amount of fun! I really hope that Bioware can transform the experience of playing Mass Effect for this new trilogy. Naughty Dog are masters at updating their franchises, and I have faith that Bioware can follow suit with the release date of Mass Effect 4. But what do you guys think, do you want to see these kind of improvements in the next Mass Effect game?


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