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Now, when it comes to the most important moments in our lives, it can sometimes be a struggle to stay true to ourselves in the face of pressure to conform to whatever society tells us we're supposed to be, to do, or to think. Whether that's in the form of what we should wear to the prom, who we should fall in love with, or even how we should get married, there're a whole lot of situations in which being ourselves - in whatsoever geeky glory we choose - can be seriously challenging.

Thankfully, though, each year that goes by strips away more and more of the judgmental, conformist, and downright ridiculous limitations that surround us - leaving us with a world in which we can just simply be who we are.

Especially if that's Iron Man.
Especially if that's Iron Man.

Which, in commercial terms, has translated into an awesome sub-genre of gloriously geeky items that would, traditionally, have been a complete pain in the ass to track down. After all, if you've already worn whatever the hell you wanted to that prom, fallen in love with whoever you damn well chose, and then decided you want to marry them, you might just want to propose in a way that actually means something massive to the two of you.

Which is where the likes of Valerie Lazutina come in.

Yup - that's right. If you're inclined to propose to your partner in truly geeky fashion, there are some pretty darned incredible rings out there. Lazutina's Etsy page is a veritable treasure trove of awesomely niche rings, with not only the standard Star Trek-y brilliance above, but also items perfect for:

The Borg Queen (or King) Of Your Heart

Because resisting true love is futile...

The Prince or Princess (Zelda) in Your Life

A Link to a future together, perhaps?

A Sailor to Moon Over

Which would obviously go best with a full Sailor Moon cosplay proposal...

The StarGate to Your Heart

Because no matter where you end up in the universe, you'd still rather be together...

And, my personal favorite:

Your Very Own Iron Man (or Woman)

Because honestly, who doesn't want their very own arc reactor?

The best part? Lazutina makes custom rings - so that special, ultra-specific proposal you've always dreamed of? That can totally be a thing now...

Now, if someone could just make an actual arc reactor to go with them, we'd be in business...

What do you think, though?



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