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Here's one for all Harry Potter fans. Etsy seller Zelas has created an absolutely stunning brass necklace using Quidditch's snitch as inspiration. "The Steampunk Snitch" is majestically embellished with incredible detailing on the wings and the actual snitch itself. And, and, it can even open up to display a real working watch-face.

Just like this! Kinda...
Just like this! Kinda...

The snitch's chain is pretty long, according to Zelas, and when worn will dangle at mid-chest level. Though, if you prefer a more pocket watch look, it can also be ordered with a belt clip.

Enough talk, check it out:

The Steampunk Snitch

The Silver Snitch

Zelas' snitches also come in a pretty badass gunmetal grey hue.

Unfortunately, as it currently stands on Etsy, these babies are all sold out. But I'm sure if you ask nicely enough, Zelas would get back to crafting these beauties!

(Source: Zelas/Etsy)


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