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Listen to the whispers from those Douglas Fir trees Twin Peaks fans, because they've just communicated news for the show's revival, and it just keeps on getting better. Last week we heard the game-changing news that the revered director David Lynch is once again on board for the project, after ironing out budgetary issues with Showtime that had previously threatened the success of the show.

At the same time, we also heard that the revival would see more episodes than the 9 originally expected, and now we have official confirmation that 18 glorious episodes of Twin Peaks - all directed by Lynch - are on their way!

This news has brought on a serious adrenaline rush, not unlike Nadine's when she first woke up in the hospital:

That's right, not only is that gum we like going to come back in style, it's coming back with double the pieces in the pack.

This fantastic news was brought by Sherilyn Fenn (who plays Audrey Horne) and Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer) at the Twin Peaks panel at Crypticon. In addition, they also announced that the singular Angelo Badalamenti will once again be writing the musical score, and the Double R Diner set is being restored to supply the residents of Twin Peaks with that damn good coffee Agent Cooper is so fond of.

Before Lynch originally left the project back in April, the nine episodes had already been written, so it will be interesting to see what he and his co-creator Mark Frost will do now that they have double the leg room. No doubt it will be something both wonderful and strange.

Twin Peaks will start filming in September of this year for a 2016 release.



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