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Can't wait for Fear the Walking Dead, the Los Angeles-based spin-off show that is set to be released this Summer and that will air on AMC? Well you're in luck. We have some awesome photos from the set of the show. And if the hype isn't built up enough somehow, here's something to consider. AMC already bought the second season, so based on what they have seen and the amount of social media activity surrounding the series, it should be a hit.

Anyway, take a look at the photos, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly of the cast and crew hard at work...

This is going to be an important series both for the stand-alone Fear the Walking Dead newly-born franchise but also for The Walking Dead itself. They should pick up some new fans with this series and hold on to their old ones as well. Pretty genius marketing strategy, to be honest. Summer TV doesn't always have to deal with competition as stiff as what TWD faces.

We'll see. I'm excited!

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