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(Warning - major plot SPOILERS for The Flash's season finale - if you haven't yet seen it, then proceed with caution...)

Now, one of the most intriguing elements of The Flash's season finale - other than all of the epic character developments and grand sacrifice, obviously - was the fact that it basically changed everything. As in, during the course of the episode, the entire plot of the first season was potentially fundamentally altered - suggesting that when we arrive in season 2, everything may well be very, very different.

After all, not only did we see Eddie valiantly sacrifice himself to foil Eobard Thawne's schemes, but also discovered that Harrison Wells wasn't actually the villain we thought he was...sort of. Crucially, though - due to Eddie's sacrifice - we're also now in a position where, theoretically at least, a whole lot of elements of the timeline we've been watching could well be reset, or permanently altered.

Season 2 will in fact just be a zany sitcom.
Season 2 will in fact just be a zany sitcom.

Which is all mind-befuddling enough all by itself - and now, the show's executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has decided to add yet another layer of time-travel-induced complexity to the mix. As he revealed in a recent interview with EW:

"Part of the fun of The Flash is when you have people dabbling in sci-fi physics, they’re significantly altering the world. We established in the finale that the entire series of The Flash is, in itself, an alternate timeline that’s been skewed from the real one. Wells setting off the accelerator created all the metahumans, and the results of the singularity will also have long-term effects."

Yup - that's right: The Flash that we've been watching is, technically, set in an alternate timeline...from itself.

Which, it seems, opens up a whole bunch of possibilities for Season 2 to be completely insane. Especially since Kreisberg also confirmed responded to a question about whether or not we'll be seeing other timelines next season with a fantastically in-depth:


Which may not be especially helpful in terms of detail, but it sure does suggest we're going to see some strange and awesome stuff happen come next Fall.

What do you reckon, though?

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