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Rise of the InHumans

After last year’ slow start, Marvel finally redeemed itself with Agents of SHIELD Season 2.

Leaving us on a cliffhanger from last season, SHIELD returned with all the characters you loved and hated. Cept this time around things were much different. Lets start with the character development in the show.

After being introduced to the team last year, fans stuck around episode after episode before having some actual connection with the characters. Sure we all knew Coulson from the films and his witty charm followed him into the show. Season One introduced us to this (somewhat bland at first) cast of characters that we finally were able to grow and appreciate by the end of the long season. Season Two gave us more…. much much more.

Last year, Fitz-Simmons were my two least favorite characters. This season Fitz was my favorite character. Iain De Caestecker did a fantastic acting job playing a frustrated Fitz suffering from brain damage. You could tell he was still very intelligent in his own mind, but couldn’t express it when needed to and this made the character an irritated mess. I found myself rooting for him more than anyone else the entire season and wanting him to succeed past his handicap. Simmons development surprised me as well. In the first season I found Fitz-Simmons very campy and annoying. The splitting of the two in season 2 allowed each of them to develop into separate characters with their own agendas, something I enjoyed and this show needed (not to mention Simmons ruthless opinion on powered people.)

Coulson still remained the same old Coulson which isn’t a bad thing at all. Coulson IS SHIELD! Ward proves to be a much better villain that he was a hero. Back when he was the hero in season one I would always think “There’s something off about this guy, I just ain’t buying it.” Ward acting as the villain and the possible new leader to HYDRA seems more fitting to his cool calculated personality. We finally got to see why Mae is called the cavalry in an episode that should have aired last year. I disliked this episode just because it seemed like a filler and something that was unneeded at the time. Still, it was good for Mae’s development and gave us a look at why shes as quiet and closed off as she is.

With a new season came a plethora of new faces. Some good, some bad, some in the middle. Bobbi Morse (Adrianne Palicki) and Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) became two regulars and fit the cast quite well. They added a new subplot/love drama that at times was not needed, but exceptional and helpful to the main story arc.

Cal (Kyle MacLachlan) was a huge part of season 2, appearing in 13 of its episodes. MacLachlan did a great job of portraying Skye’s crazy father (although his Mr. Hyde transformation was a little too much.) As a regular loose cannon though, I say bravo! He certainly convinced me. We got a super “I did not see that coming!” twist with Skye’s mother Jiaying (Dichen Lachman.) At first your led to believe shes this lovable InHuman just wanting what’s best for her people and to be left alone. Then she goes all Medusa on Gonzales and kills him. In one episode your opinion on her takes a complete 180 which kept the viewer wondering what was going to happen next. Cal also takes a 180. For most of the season your take on him is that he is a villain. In the end he is the true hero when he saves Skye from Jiaying. This setup the finale which I thought may have been the best of the spring season (aside maybe The Flash.)

Skye’s character shined bright this season. We discover she is InHuman and that opened up an entire new storyline that picked up in the season’s 3rd act. She’s a fan favorite and one could argue that she IS the main character of the series. Think about it, HYDRA is after her, Ward wants her as a love interest, Coulson wants to protect her, Cal wants her to complete his family, Gonzalez wants to imprison her, and The InHumans want her to join there team. Everything is centered around Skye.

The season left off with 2 major cliffhangers. Season 3 should show us more InHuman action with the Terrigen Crystals now within a large supply of fish. I just hope they don’t go back to “monster of the week” format like they had in Season One. The other cliffhanger, what the hell happened to Simmons? It seemed for once something good happened to Fitz, finally getting that long overdue date with Simmons, only to have her swallowed up by the Monolith. Now I’m sure we’re gonna get mopey Fitz again, believing that Simmons had stood him up for their date. Whatever may lie ahead for Season 3, this nerd can’t wait!

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