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Few things seem certain in the plans surrounding Warner Bros and DC launching their own movie universe aside from the fact that Batman vs Superman will be leading us to a Justice League movie and the intentions of giving characters like Wonder Woman and Aquaman their first solo superhero movies after their decades of history in the pages of DC's comic books. Let's look at the challenges that face the studio on the way to building the DC universe on screen, how Warner Bros and DC can take advantage of their position and discuss the pros and cons of telling origin stories at this stage of the game.

Building a Better Tomorrow For DC

Batman vs Superman is making the bold move of coming out of the gate and heading straight for the Justice League. Much like Iron-Man did by having Nick Fury show up and say the words "Avengers Initiative", Batman vs Superman is taking it a step further by introducing many of the main players and by the time the lights go up in the theater we'll have gotten our first look at The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and, of course, Wonder Woman.

Some have seen this as trying to put too much into one movie too soon - with Zack Snyder putting his stamp on too many of the characters. But this could be used to great advantage if DC and Warner Bros continues to be ambitious and from the looks of Suicide Squad - which is essentially doing for the villains what Batman vs Superman is doing for the heroes - the studio wants to be synonymous with ambitious.

What would be great to see is Warner Bros and DC take full advantage of having this big roster of characters introduced early in BvS and Suicide Squad and to continue to utilize them on the road to and from the Justice League movies. Why not double down on the shared universe and have Aquaman show up in Wonder Woman - when the rumor came out of Wonder Woman getting an underwater outfit in her solo movie, it sounded like there could be plans for just this sort of move.

Going Beyond The Origin Story

There have been rumors, particularly around the Wonder Woman and Aquaman movies, of DC and Warner Bros not being entirely sure of where to take these characters in their solo films. If the reports are true and the studio isn't sure that characters like these, who have never been tested with big solo movies like this before, will prove successful on their own - the best thing to do is make sure fans know that the movies aren't stand alone adventures that might be telling origin stories many people are already familiar with. If it's clear that these movies are all connected then even someone who isn't that interested in Aquaman will feel compelled to check it out.

Jason Momoa's Aquaman is ready for his close-up.
Jason Momoa's Aquaman is ready for his close-up.

Seeing the increasing presence of Batman in Suicide Squad reinforces the idea that the studio could be taking more steps to let fans know that these movies are being set up to feed off of one another and weave the DC Movie Universe tapestry. Origin stories are important, but we're definitely at the point in the evolution of superhero movies that there are better ways to tell that story than in the old-school linear way of spending half a movie leading up to someone putting on a costume.

The Flash & Green Lantern

The problem with origin stories can hold especially true when you have a character like The Flash who has his own popular television show. Or in the case of Green Lantern, you have a chance to look at an origin story that failed to connect with audiences in a movie five years ago and make the appropriate changes. In both of these cases - perhaps moreso than with Aquaman and Wonder Woman - the best bet would be that Dc and Warner Bros will keep the momentum from Justice League going and not dive backwards into prequel territory.

Moving past the 2011 Green Lantern...
Moving past the 2011 Green Lantern...

There's such an advantage to the DC movies starting their universe in 2016 - which might as well be dubbed The Year of the Superhero Movie. So much has changed even since the days of the last Green Lantern movie that there's no doubting the fact that people will turn out to see movies like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash even if Hollywood prognosticators may point to the fact that female based superhero movies haven't done well in the past or that Aquaman has been used as a punchline before.

DC is doing a good job of setting itself apart from the look and tone of the Marvel movies but there's no reason to worry that they won't learn from what their movies have taught us - that even untested, or in the case of Guardians of the Galaxy relatively obscure, characters can debut to huge box office and there are a million ways to introduce these characters without getting into boring old school origin story techniques.

What do you think? Which DC movie are you most looking forward to? Which character are you most eager to see make their movie debut, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg? Take to the comments and keep the conversation going!


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