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Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries was a real roller coaster ride of emotion, romance and tragedy, but the question is, just how much of it do you really remember?

The season might have only wrapped a few weeks ago, but that is still plenty of time for your grey matter to start leaking valuable information. So, let's do a bit of revision and ensure you're well prepared for season 7!

Remember to keep count of your correct answers to make your score count in he final poll.


1. At the beginning of season 6, Stefan's new girlfriend becomes a vampire, but do you remember her name?

ANSWER: Stefan's short lived girlfriend was named 'Ivy'


2. Who was Elena talking about when she said this: "You're un-killable"

ANSWER: Elena was talking about Alaric.


3. Which subspecies of witch did Kai belong to when we first met him?

ANSWER: Kai first belonged to a class of witch known as 'aberrant.' This meant he could only use magic by syphoning it from a source


4. In which episode did Damon return?

ANSWER: Damon returned in 'The World Has Turned and Left Me Here.' This was episode five of season 6.


5. How do we first find out that Jo is a witch in season 6?

ANSWER: We first find out that Jo is a witch when Alaric cannot compel her.


6. How many heretics were trapped with Lily Salvatore?

ANSWER: There were 6 heretics trapped with Lily Salvatore who have now been released into the world.


7. How many episodes was Bonnie absent for in season 6?

ANSWER: Bonnie didn't make an appearance in 4 season 6 episodes.


8. In which episode do Caroline and Enzo track down Stefan?

ANSWER: Caroline and Enzo tracked down Stefan in 'Yellow Ledbetter'


9. Who said the following in 'The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get? '"I followed you like a crazy stalker. Not one of my finer moments."

ANSWER: Jo uttered the line above to Alaric.


10. The season 6 finale ends with a shot of which character?

ANSWER: Season 6 ended with a shot of Damon on the clocktower.


Be honest, how many did you get right?

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