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Rob Harris

Madame Tussauds has truly outdone itself with their latest collection of waxwork wizardry; a jaw-dropping homage to the iconic characters and scenes from George Lucas' legendary sci-fi franchise, Star Wars!

The team responsible for this awesomely geeky feat filmed the entire process, detailing how they're able to create such impressive artificial doppelgängers. Check it out:

Over 10,000 human hairs are used for each scalp

Each head is made from 10-15 liters of wax that’s been individually colored

It took over 800 hours to make Chewie look this handsome

It takes a week to hand paint each face

Iconic scenes from the movies have been pain-stakingly recreated, with help from Lucasfilm

Watch the full video below to get an idea of just how impressive this accomplishment is:


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