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As we find ourselves many years from Rockstar's return to the GTA franchise, we can't help but speculate on the approach they'll take to expanding on GTA V's formula. It's a sensational game, in fact, it's so good that they managed to live off of sales that other developers can only dream of - and they did it with one game over a 3 year period. Madness.

Of course we're all dying to see what they have in store for us next - we seriously hope it's Red Dead Redemption 2 - but in terms of GTA 6, I wonder what the ideas that Rockstar have supposedly been throwing around are going to be. They've stated that they have years of ideas to explore and flesh out into a title that can surpass GTA V on its release date for the XBOX One, PS4 and PC. Or will there be new consoles by the time it rolls around?


In any case, one aspect of GTA 6 that we've all been discussing is its location. Where are Rockstar going to move the franchise to? Will we see entire countries? Can we travel to various cities? Will they be cities from previous entries in the franchise? Obviously we have no idea, but I wonder whether GTA 6 is entirely limited to America. Could the location move beyond this land mass and will GTA only ever be synonymous with American culture?

GTA 6 - Discussion of Location, America & the Rest of the World for Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto as a franchise has grown astronomically. If you take a look at the first entries into this formula it really is amazing to see how far, not only the franchise has come, but the industry itself. The only location we've had outside of America in the past was "GTA London, 1969", from 1999. Since then we've seen Rockstar move to criticising and parodying American culture and perhaps that's what the series has become.


For Rockstar, as is the case with any art piece, they need a theme when they tackle a game. GTA IV dealt with America's treatment of immigrants and the opportunities that the USA promises its citizens - The American Dream, if you will. GTA V criticises America's modern culture as it firmly roots itself in one of the most infamous locations synonymous with the ideals, or lack their of, of modern life. It's a shocking parody at times, mainly in how truthful it can so often be.

Therefore, seeing as Rockstar has dedicated themselves to portraying America in these fantastically fun Video Games, I don't think it makes much sense for them to move GTA 6 to a different country. Sure, the change of setting would be endlessly welcomed - I advocate for a change of scenery with so many American triple A titles - but I just don't think that's what GTA 6 will be about. I want to see GTA 6 in Tokyo or Brazil, but it doesn't mean that'll ever happen.


Setting GTA 6 outside of America would be insanely cool to play. But Rockstar would have to research so much about the country that they set it in, in order for them to feel comfortable with parodying it. Perhaps a number of the references would be lost to many of us, and the language issue would be tough to get around - unless the protagonists were Americans moving to a foreign country, which actually would be awesome - but I don't think it's what Grand Theft Auto is about anymore.

Am I alone in thinking this? What do you guys want to see on the release date of GTA 6? And do you think its location will move beyond the borders of America? In your ideal situation, where would you set Grand Theft Auto 6? Be sure to let us know in the comments!


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