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While visiting Dubai, Khloe Kardashian Instagram-ed a selfie in which she can be seen donning a traditional hijab normally worn by Middle Eastern women as a part of their religious practice.

Kardashian captioned her photo with the words "Habibi love," which is the Arabic word for "my darling."

While Kardashian's eyes look stunning in this photo, women who visit Dubai are not obligated to wear the hijab. A majority of fans are incredibly infuriated, but there are many who didn't find this offensive at all.

While one fan expressed her distaste with Kardashian's outfit:

“Her caption doesn’t make any sense! P.S. Wearing hijab/niqab is for the pious and pure women of Islam!”

Another felt no disrespect from the photo:

“i am from dubai :) and i know that she doesn’t have to wear it and we emiraties wear it our selves in a way to make it look fashionable :) plus im a local here and i dont feel offended,” a user explained. Another person wrote, “Its not offensive she is just showing respect. And looking great doing it.”

Whether you find the photo offensive or not, you have to admit that Khloe's eyes look phenomenally gorgeous in this photograph. While hijabs are traditionally worn on Muslim women, they are definitely a beautiful symbolism of their faith.

I'd like to give Kardashian the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps she just noticed how beautiful they are, too.

[Source: Hollywood Life]


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