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The first trailer for the POINT BREAK remake hitting theaters this fall has hit the web and it's kind of fun.

The original POINT BREAK is one of my favorite action films, for its stupid plot, cheesy dialogue and simply iconic performances by Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. The new film stars Luke Bracey (The November Man) as Johnny Utah and Edgar Ramirez (Deliver Us From Evil) as Bodhi.

The original 1991 film focused on Johnny Utah, an ex high school football star turned FBI agent who infiltrates Patrick Swayze's gang of Ex Presidents, a group of surfers who moonlight as bank robbers. The premise sounds stupid because it is and that's why it's so much fun. But do we need a Point Break remake? We already had one and it was called "The Fast and The Furious" in 2001.

The remake seems to be taking the idea of extreme sports and heightening it. The original focused on surfing and parachuting but this new film sees the bank robbers in a number of crazy stunts. A lot of the first film showed us Utah learning how to surf so he could infiltrate the gang, eventually becoming one of them and being conflicted on where his loyalty lies; as a criminal or as a Federal Agent. The trailer establishes Utah as an extreme athlete, so this time we won't have to see him learn these stunts, more so just exhibit them.


Glad to see a callback to the original here:

I am an FBI AGENT!
I am an FBI AGENT!

I have a lot of concerns with this film but surprisingly I didn't hate the trailer, I think the filmmakers are going the right way about it, and have updated the concept for a modern audience quite well.

Point Break opens on Christmas Day 2015!

What do you guys think about the first trailer for POINT BREAK? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @JamesPorter97


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